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January 23, 2008


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We use AMEX Blue Cash and love it. We earned $432.xx in our first year, and so far about 1/2 through our 2nd year we've earned over $100. We don't buy anything we wouldn't normally buy either. Free money.

Once we get our credit card situation straightened out, I plan on using our Amex Blue Card as the primary. Currenty, it hold a low balance transfer rate.

Isn't $2,500 a month a really large amount to put on your credit card each month? I put nearly everything I can think of on my credit card (automated bills, expenses, etc.) and I only barely break $2000 on the absolute worst of months.

I got a Chase Freedom a few months ago and have definitely seen a rise in my rebate amounts but I wish they did a better job of breaking down the rebate categories. I suspect that one of the supermarkets I frequent (Trader Joe's) isn't being properly classified for the 3% rebate but there's no real way to check for sure on the billing statements.

I'm a new reader of this blog and loving it! Slurping it all up like drinking through a firehose.... great stuff!

Just got myself an AMEX Blue Cash Card and have already started using it for all my daily purchases. Was about to apply also for the Chase Freedom card as you suggest in your strategy. But then I noticed that travel (flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.) is not one of the categories. And that is one that my wife racks up charges on consistently for her job. Any recommendations for a cash back card that works well for this category?

Josh --

Sorry, I don't travel that much, and don't hassle with points programs. Anyone else out there have a suggestion?


Capital One just introduced several new "miles" credit cards that you are able to earn additional miles on specific categories of purchases; one of them being travel. The miles can then be redeemed for cash back and other rewards, not just for airline miles. You do have to have excellent credit to be approved for one and I don't know the details for redeeming miles for cash. Good luck!

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