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January 24, 2008


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The Platinum is already sold out. Lots of people spending a lot of money to learn how to save ironic!

We did take my daughter and her fiance to see DR last spring in KC. We knew our darling debt-free daughter was about to marry student loans, and we thought maybe DR could get them started out on a good footing. It TOTALLY clicked with them. They currently use one entire salary to reduce debt, and are well on their way to knocking out $50,000 FAST. They are newlywed masters of frugal but fun living, and we couldn't be more proud. We plunked down some $$$$ for those four tickets, but it was one of the best investments in our daughter's future we could have made.

Interesting that Ramsey does all this for a fee, when you can get the same thing for free from Primerica. As a matter of fact, Ramsey's radio show used to be called "The Money Game" and it was started by Roy Matlock, with Ramsey as his co-host. I daresay that Ramsey got the whole idea of the debt snowball from Matlock.

Uh -- you could get DR's advice for free or really cheaply by reading his or a select list of other PF books.

I take issue that you would get the same message through Primerica. Back during my first layoff, I got myself involved with selling for Primerica and so I know their pitch inside and out, since I memorized and delivered it to several people until I couldn't stand not being able to sleep at night.

I wouldn't recommend anybody paying attention to Primerica. While there is a basis of truth in their message, their basic goal is to do whatever it takes to get you to think their insurance products are your ticket to salvation.

I would recommend paying attention to DR (though I wouldn't pay to attend a live event.)

This remind me of bottled water. Why would I want to pay for it if I can get it free at home? (i.e. library, radio).

I guess it's worth the money if that's what it takes to get people to listen and change their financial habits.

You can always get Dave's books free from the library or listen to his radio show and podcasts free (the first hour of his 3-hour show is available free as a podcast--you'll have to pay for the full show) or even watch his show on the Fox Business channel "free" (if it's part of your cable/satellite package). That should be enough to get started.

In any case, whether you pay for Dave's advice or not, it's good advice. The sticking point is finding the self-discipline to enact the plan and maintain it.

Platinum is sold out???? I live about a 1/2 hour away from this and cannpt imagine paying that kind of money for that. Think of the people coming from a distance and what they are paying for gas and possibly lodging.

In general, I completely agree that it's unnecessary to pay to attend a live event, when a free podcast or cheap book or blogs will do the trick. But sometimes, the energy generated at a live event can be just what it takes to turn someone completely around and jumpstart their efforts. If I had handed my daughter and future son-in-law a book, I don't think it would be opened yet, whereas the live event made a huge impact on them and propelled them into action. I got my money's worth!!!!

I find it funny that people complain about paying money to go to a DR live event. To each his own though.

I'm looking forward to his next KC visit. We were in a wedding the last time he was there, but have cleared our schedules for this one.

For those of you who stick to the free podcast, radio and cable show, more power to you. But, he goes into more detail on many different financial topics during the live event as well as his FPU course. In the end, you get your money's worth. Most people that attend the event (the majority really) pay only $39 to attend. The folks that pay the $179 for platinum seats are, for the most part, already living the principles he teaches, but get a chance to have a more intimate [email protected] with him over lunch. Heck, I'd just like to meet the guy who has made such a huge impact on our lives.

DR must be making a fortune. Between the radio show, books, the FOX TV show, FPU, live events, etc., this guy is pulling in some serious cabbage!

Congrats to DR!

I have to agree with some of the other posters that, to the right people (although not me), this money would be worth it. The man makes a good sum but it's not like you're buying a new dress that gets worn once and thrown in a closet forever. He can teach life principles that will save people thousands upon thousands of dollars for decades to come. Within reason and to the right audience it would be penny wise and pound foolish to see $$$ for attendance but not see the value $$$$$$$$$ on the other side.

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