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January 30, 2008


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Wow... that's awesome. Glad to see you supporting some of the Christian organizations.

Holy cow, I had no idea a blog like this could do so well. Nice work.

That's awesome...very cool.

You should look into possibly supporting a microfinance ogranization like Opportunity International.

It promotes a lot of the things that FMF stands for, regarding financial responsibility.

That's great! Glad that you are sharing the wealth with those that truly need it.

Adam --

Good idea. I'll check into that.

Kevin --


Excellent job on raising the dollars for charity! You are a true inspiration. Great blog too!

That's wonderful! Congrats and keep up the good work. That's a great list of organizatinos you have there.

Great job! Nice selection of organizations.

Congratulations FMF on making it over the $100,000 mark. Awesome!

If others are looking to support an organization that promotes sound financial principles and provides educational resources for individuals and groups, I'd highly recommend Crown Financial Ministries:

That's great!! :) I think a lot of those people are doing wonderful work (some I'm not as familiar with)

Have you considered International Justice Mission as a potential recipient? It was started by a man who was in Rwanda after the genocide and began to ask "How does God want people to respond to something this awful?" His group does various good of my favorite is rescuing girls from forced prostitution and setting up places for them to get education and stay safe. They once took a video on a raid and it was horrible to see how tiny some of these girls were--maybe 5?

I worked with their student organization at my school.

FS --

I'll be adding Crown to this list in 2008 for sure.

Mrs. Micah --

No, haven't heard of them. But I'll check them out.

Congrats on the accomplishment FMF, and kudos for your service to these charities.

Great work! These are some great organizations and I would just like to add that I agree with Mrs. Micah that IJM is an organization worth checking out. I also support Blood Water Mission.

Congrats and thank you for doing what you do.


How much did you income did you expect to make when this site first started out? I think it is great that you've made that much but personally after a certain amount I would probably keep some to myself for family reasons (College for kids, Retirement, Down Payment for a house, etc.). No matter what though I respect that you choose to donate that amount of cash I bet you made some charity's very happy.

Enjoy the site,

That's truly amazing. Congratulations on your hard work and great content and generosity!

Moneyandpf --

I started this blog out expecting I wouldn't make anything.


On behalf of Franklin Graham, I want to extend a note of thanks for your continued support of Samaritan's Purse. Your gifts mean a lot to those that we serve around the world.

Congratulations on the success of your blog.

Darren Mullenix
Donor Ministries
Samaritan's Purse

When I become debt free I would like to do something similar. What a great way to help fellow man by capitalizing on the success of another worthy cause, your blog. Congratulations on raising so much capital, and thank you for putting it to good use!

Thanks FMF. I think they'd line up with your Christian and social values...probably. :)

How extraordinary! Congratulations and God bless you for being such a generous soul. You're an inspiration...

Hey, pretty cool. I might also suggest Modest Needs (, which is designed to help low-income families meet sudden unexpected expenses (car repairs, medical bills, etc.) and thereby stay out of the downward spiral into dependence. The organization is careful to verify all requests. I have to tell you, just reading the requests for help on their site makes me so grateful for what I have.

Hi, my name Is Rev. Keith
I work hard in the health field as a C.N.A. I am 30,000 in debt in back child support from trying to raise and support two families: my children from my previous marriage, and two step daughters and a daughter from my second marriage.
The money; $180.00, comes out of my check every two weeks, but it seems like no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get ahead. And I am also a faithful tithe payer to my church and I do not do any foolish spending. It's just that after I get through paying all of my bills, I have nothing for a whole two weeks, so if there is any way that you can help me get rid of this debt, I would be forever greatful. May God be with you in all that do, God bless, Keith Poland

I'm sorry, Keith, I only contribute funds to organized charities with trackable and reported finances. I can't validate the needs/situation of any individual and hence don't give to people one on one.

If you're a faithful tither, your church should help you in times of trouble. Cann them, submit your finances to counseling, and have them help you get out of debt.

Good luck.

Wow! Got your post from John Chow's website.

Giving away $100k to charities is a neat sum of money. It's a real inspiration! Thanks for sharing this post. :)

That is absolutely fantastic. It is so good to help others. My favorite charity is the Atlanta Community Food Bank. No one should have to go hungry!

I don't have much cash to donate right now, but I donate time by fostering homeless dogs for a shelter group. When I do have the cash, I'd like to donate to The Smile Train ( They repair cleft palates for third world children, and 100% of donations go towards the program, none to overhead.

Thanks for helping out all these great charities!

My two favorite charities are The Second Wind fund, which provides suicide prevention counseling to youth who would not otherwise have access to it and Warm Hearts Warm Babies which knits and crochets outfits for preemies, people with low incomes, and burial outfits for babies that are stillborn.

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