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January 09, 2008


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I got mine a few weeks ago and too thought it was a scam at first. But since I only had to fill out name and address (which they obviously already had) and check a box saying I wanted the $25 standard refund, I sent it in.

I didn't realize it until I already submitted it, but I had spent enough time out of the country to qualify for more than the $25. Oh well, $25 is $25, no matter how you spin it. That is, of course, unless too many people respond and the $25 is slashed to some unacceptably smaller amount.

Yep, this is legit.

Thought it was a scam and threw it away. Dang.

Thanks for the update - I was wondering about this. I'll send mine in now.

I received this as well- the most important thing to remember is that they said that if you spent more than 5 days (I think this was the approx number- please correct me if I am wrong!) out of the country that you should sign up for the estimated return and NOT the flat $25. I had 45 days so I went with the estimated refund.

Yup, I've already sent in a claim...although I was claiming for a card that I no longer owned...I wonder if the claim will still go through. We shall see!

We thought it was a scam too, until we saw several stories about the $25.00 rebate on the TV news. The downside is that the money won't be rebated until the actual court case is concluded, which could be a year or two down the road.

Don't forget if you buy online, out of the country most credit card cards will charge you the foreign transaction fee.

So even if you didn't travel overseas you still might be able to put in a claim.

I was charged a transaction fee
of a few dollars and submitted my claim. I'm getting back $25.

I spent 15 days in Europe. I filled out the estimated refund part of the packet - even though I'm not sure whether or not I used my credit card when I was over there. . .

Keep in mind that the odds of getting anything close to $25 back is very, very slim. These types of class actions always underestimate the expected number of claimants and when the payment goes through it's for a fraction of the orginal amount. Be happy to get $5 back.

The lawyers on the other hand will get millions. The 11th overpaid job?

I spent around 280 days out of the country during this time period and submitted my claim a month ago. I'll report on the actually payoff later.

I thought the paperwork stated the settlement was already done. It is supposed to be paid out in May sometime, I assume they are just waiting that long to get forms back. So I am pretty sure the $25 is a set number.

I thought there was a set number of complainants. . .a percentage of those will not fill out the paperwork, so they should have enough cash.

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