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January 28, 2008


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On the credit report thing, you might enjoy reading my blog post called "My Identity Was Stolen."

Pulling your own credit report is something I recommend to everyone. Check it often. You will almost always be amazed.

Michigan house-hunting...


I'm in my first year out of college and I am renting in Ann Arbor thru June, looking to buy a house or a condo thereafter.

Any recs on things I should take into account? For reference, I'm trying to buy on the low end of the pricing spectrum ($100K or less if I can help it) because my fiance has a large amount of student debt that we'll have to pay off.

I'm operating under the assumption that Michigan houses will rally over the next decade, though not to the extent that houses will rally nationally.

Would appreciate any advise, either here or at my email, Thanks!


Crazy thought, but if "no one looks at homes in January in Michigan", would that make it a buyers market for a savvy investor like yourself? :)

Aaron --

My advice -- "bid very, very low."

Look over my real estate categories -- could be something useful for you. You can find it here:

Phil --

Could be, but unfortunately 1) almost everyone takes their homes off the market (it's really slim pickings now) and 2) it's already a buyer's market. ;-)

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