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January 08, 2008


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Thanks for mentioning my article, and happy Bad Market Day! Totally intrigued by the pancakes article and will have to check that out later, but for now ... back to NH primaries coverage.

Thank you for the mention FMF. Definitely a yucky market day today.

Ahh ... I couldn't resist the pancake article and now my coworkers are looking at me weird (couldn't stifle that giggle).

Thanks for the link FMF! I really appreciate it since you can't participate in the blog giveaway this week to celebrate my 2nd blogoversary. Though I admit, I was a little worried when I saw the referral link say 'online-threats'. I was wondering if you were mad about the contest rules! LOL!

Thanks very much for the mention!

Thanks for the mention!

Thanks for the link FMF - it is appreciated!

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