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January 18, 2008


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I went to an Eckerd Drug, who said they "guaranteed" that passport photos are fit to the right size. We took them to the passport center and my husband's weren't accepted and they said they would take mine but "don't be surprised if they don't accept it and send it back." (which means I would be out the $30 processing fee). I took my chances and ended up being ok, and my husband went back and got them redone (for free), which was nice but still a hassle. If they say they take passport size photos they should make sure they are the right size! And they also cost $16 cause you need 2 - what a rip off.

Thank you for featuring my Credit Awareness Series here (Why your Toddler Needs a Credit Card) I was so excited to see Thrifty Mamas listed! You really made my day :)

Oh my! Many thanks for the mention. I'm humbled to know that my blog is actually being read.

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