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January 25, 2008


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After you dollar-cost-average your annoyingness, subtract your dignity, and add the $$ you saved, I think you'll find it's well worth saving a few bucks here and there to make your friends feel queasy around you, relatives leery of shopping with you, and store employees resent you. Stick to flea markets, cheapskate! You probably could've gotten your shoes cheaper online anyway.

lol antagonizer.

I think it is great to ask for a discount. Why does that hurt dignity? As long as your are honest and maintain your integrity I see nothing wrong with this approach.

If the OP meant that he knew there were no Asics in his size and he never had any intention of buying them then I disagree with that one interaction. If, however, the OP would be willing to settle for the Asics and was going to buy them if they had them in his size then I say great bargaining!

I was able to get Comcast to agree to lower my rates for my combined Internet/Cable package by $30/month for an entire year. I just called them up afte the 1st of the year and asked. I wasn't getting anywhere until I mentioned the (apparently dreaded) word "satellite" and then I got promptly forwarded to someone in retention who made me the offer right away.

Not only will I save $360 this year . . . it will give FIOS another year to roll out in my area so I can jump ship. :)

My dad did this at Sears with a HDTV. He ended up getting a 60" for the price of the 50" he went in for because they were out of the 50" and they wanted the sale.

I also recently kept asking for discounts when I upgraded to HD service with DirecTV. Originally their HD-DVR was listed at $300. Long story short, after a couple emails and calls, I got the price cut in half, plus got my HD service ($10 per month) free for a year, plus an additional $10 a month for a year off regular programming. So basically I "saved" $390 for about a hour of my time. A good deal in my opinion. The magic words I kept using were "can't you do better than that" and "Dish Network is still cheaper than that".

I tried it with Comcast but my complaint was legit. I was at my relatives for the holidays and they have Direct TV. Then I saw that they have about 40 more HD channels than I do. First thing I did when returning home was to call Comcast and ask if they were adding HD channels b/c I was impressed with Direct TV. Response...I don't know. 'Seriously?' You have no clue,' I asked. 'Nope.' Thus, come the end of current price plan in May I am gone.

The tactic did work with Verizon home though. I was going drop the land line and called to do so. Verizon then offered $10 a month, flat rate. I was happy b/c in truth, I receive / send faxes and dropping the phone was not ideal but at $40 a month it was a no-brainer. I will keep it for now and see how I do.

ASking for bargains at retail can save you money $$$$.

Also at month end and quarter end retailers (electronis and specialty stores) when sales have been slow might be more willing to discount to reach sales quotas. Insurance and protection plans, while usually not the best thing to buy offer great bargaining chips. The retailer usually makes a much higher margin on protection plans than the products. If they offer you a $50 - $100 plan, or whatever, offer to buy the product with the plan if the reduce the cost of the item by as much. You be surprised if the store has been slow they'll bite on the deal.

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