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January 18, 2008


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Here's one I'd add to their list: Buying new vehicles on credit. Paying interest on a rapidly depreciating asset is a real double-whammy! My advice: Save money, buy a bottle of "new car" scent to go with a new-to-you used vehicle.

Well said, FS... Couldn't agree more. I read this CR article a few days ago and came to the same conclusion as FMF. They really weren't reinventing the wheel here--served up a flashy title for its cover page, though!

I have to plead guilty to some of the items in your list.

The only consolation is that they are in your "last eight".

Thanks for pointing them out.

Of course, if you skip "maintaining a healthy lifestyle." you not only pay with your money, you may also get to pay with your life. But it does make retiring early easier, since you don't have to pay for many years of retirement.

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