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January 13, 2008


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What would've made it even funnier is if the Football and NASCAR channels were $30 and maxed out!

I am sorry that you have had such negative (and apparently vocal) comments that you felt you had to spell out readers' options. We OPT to read your blog. I am surprised people wouldn't respect that. I get more and more surprised by people every day tho. I would hope that we would learn to get along and maintain our space by practicing respect first. I like that model of the Japanese way of living in close quarters rather than the New Yorker way. I think a lot of our fundamental beliefs about money are based on the way we were raised and the values that we were given, and for many of us, it was based on whatever religious beliefs and practices our parents, grandparents and forefathers/mothers held and how they reacted to them. It's also fun to see how so many of these are more spelled out in the religious tomes that are not read as much as discussed and to see some of the things that are actually said in there. One comment from the Talmud talks about it being good to give a starving man a fish, but much better to teach him to fish. Thanks for sharing your "fishing" knowledge with us and helping us learn how to fish a bit!

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