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January 02, 2008


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I got a pedometer (hopefully it will help me get more exercise!). My husband and I got each other a chair and a half to cuddle in ;) Our parents gave us money, which we promptly added to our ROTH's. We're hoping to have the 2007 ROTH's maxed by April 15th.

I got a laptop bag, some new clothes, a gift card (25), some small toys (like a pendulum man magnet, a mentos/pop cannon, etc), some chocolate, and a small amount of credit card debt ;)

Don't worry, it's only a few hundred bucks, it should be gone soon.

P.S. Only 20 inches of snow? Wow, I think we've got that in the last week, the piles at the side of my driveway are now over my head.

My wife and I decided to forgo presents from each other this year since we normally end up with stuff we really don't need anyway. Instead we bought a camcorder "from" each of us since we just had our first child this year and will no doubt have lots of special moments to catch on video. Plus, it ended up costing less than we normally spend on each other.

Other than that we got the normal variety of clothes from her parents and some cash from my parents. Our son got tons of toys and clothes, some of which we will probably return and turn into cash which we will likely invest in his 529 plan. The wife also got her normal variety of gift cards & baskets of lotions from her students' parents (preschool teacher). We'll be drinking free at Starbucks for the next month!

Money From My In-Laws (used to buy washer and dryer we have been saving for
Playstation 3
A few small items

Ahhh, the curse of the American Girl Doll. Our oldest has 3 of them, 2 from her evil aunt, one from us. She received her 3rd Christmas Day, even though we told her she does not need another. Darn aunt!!! Those accessories are crazy, but we let others help in the cost. Thank you grandma.

I got some DVD's and other small things playing cards (my fam does generics and then plays cards) and from my parents I got the traditional family nativity set (19 pieces) and creche/stable. My great aunt makes and paints the sets, so everyone in my family has one. Each is a little unique because she hand paints them.

The greatest gift was actually seeing my nephews open their gifts from me. And making my sister cry...good tears...over the concert tickets I got her and I for March. Oh, and my family's amazement for giving a signed Viking's player picture on the generic exchange. (I'll be honest, I didn't really know it was that valuable...but apparently it is...I didn't pay that much for it...must have grown in value since September.)

My wife and I struggled with how much to buy for our newborn daughter this year for Christmas. We ended up getting her a few toys through Pampers points and getting some used books from our local library's book sale as well. Of course, our intentions of having Christmas mean more because of time with family took a hit when our daughter's grandparents combined to buy her every toy that exists.

We too keep it simple between us - I got a bag of golf tees and some new sheets for the bed (and a few other knick-knacks) and my wife received a nursing bra (how romantic!) and a pair of pajamas.

We tried to spend a little less this year, but the kids still ended up with mountains of presents.

I also pushed the boat out and brought a Nintendo Wii - of course, that was for all of us, and it's proved to be a good buy so far.

I think we'll cut things back a bit more next year too.

One thoughtful Christmas present trumps all the rest. My daughter got me a calendar of her. 12 months of seeing her smiling face was all I need.

I had an AG doll growing up - but my mom refused to let me spend money on the "official" clothes and accessories (she'd make an exception every once in a while, but even then, I had to spend my own money). Instead, we made a lot (my mom bought the official patterns for "my" doll and sewed up many of the clothes herself, my dad helped me make a period-style bed) or bought from craft shows (not just clothes, but a desk, a bench, a closet/chest, etc.). There's lots out there for 18" dolls that's just as good as AG for much less money. You can also get more variety that way. I'd steer your daughter in that direction, if I were you.

All of the major sewing pattern companies have doll clothing patterns for 18-inch dolls, which is what the American Girl dolls measure. Having six granddaughters has caused me to look into making doll clothes for their dolls, as I am fully capable of sewing these outfits--no way am I spending $30 on a doll outfit! Miss Paula in Texas

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