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January 10, 2008


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sign me up

Okay, I'm going to try again.

Do I get extra credit for being first? ;)

Oops, not first.

I need to do my taxes and my back hurts.

Lets try again.

Sign me up.

Turbo Me!

I've been using Turbo Tax for about 12 years. It's about time for me to score a free copy.

Thanks for doing this contest and not just giving the copies of TurboTax to your friends.

FMF, thank you for offering this chance to win!

Attempt number 2!

Poke? :-D

Every year I use Turbo Tax to help a few of my co workers who have trouble preparting their own tax free of charge. It would be nice for me to get one copy free this year.

Round two.

Thanks for the freebies! I could really use the copy.

Thanks for the chance.

Let me try again.

I would LOVE to have a copy of Turbo Tax. Thanks for the chance to win!

I would love a copy.

This is a great giveaway! Thanks, I'm in!

Would love to not have to spend $40+ bucks for the pleasure of doing my taxes!

I am back to try again.

ditto x2!

Better luck this time?

Running these giveaways must be very taxing... I'm in... Thx

I only started doing my own taxes last year (because I was not being claimed as a dependent by my parents anymore!), and I used Turbo Tax. I really liked it, and it was almost *gasp* fun because it was just a bunch of questions I knew the answers to. What can I say, I like quizzes!

So, count me in!

Numero dos?

My tax situation is getting complicated. This would help! Thanks for the chance!

I'd like a chance to win the Turbo Tax program. Sure would beat doing the return on paper! Thanks!

I love lamp.

Here's hoping I have some good luck, and thanks for the wonderful information you provide.

Pick me, pick me, I NEVER win anything!!!

In it to win it

I'll post my .5% chance.

Sign me up.

Throwing my hat in this crazy ring!

Well, aren't you just getting to be Mr. Popular lately with people giving you things to give away! :)

Sign me up again!

Hopefully today is my lucky day!

Here we go again!

my entry

Love your insights and this like an additional bonus..

I could use this

I'd love a free copy. Sign me up.

I'm in! Again.

Please pick me.

Here's hopin'!

come on 7....

will lightning strike?

I could really use this. My employer provides a "free" copy if we want it, but off they gross us our salary for it....! I think i incured roughly an extra $11 in tax last year because of getting sucked into the free copy..... please help me save $11!

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