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January 15, 2008


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One last try

Either win it here or buy it from Costco. Here hoping that I don't need to buy it from Costco, even if I have $15 coupon for it.

please, please, please.

Pick me! Pick me!
I've been using Tax Cut for a couple years now... wouldn't mind trying TurboTax.

Lets try this again until we get it right.

Count me in.

This is my last official entry for the Turbo Tax giveaway!

I'm in... Thanks...

I'm in. Thanks.

I would love to be picked.

In it to win it...again

I'm still hanging in there.

I'm trying again

I would love to try Turbo Tax this year. I normally use but would like to see some other offerings.

Thanks for the chance.

Come on, daddy needs a tax break.

How could I not comment with an offer like that? BTW, your site is great!

Here we go again.

Sure. Why not?

Trying again.

I hope I win this. If not, I hope the Chargers beat the Patriots and win the Superbowl. Go Chargers!!

obligatory entry post

My first comment and first entry. Thanks.

I second that vote for the Chargers!!

Oh yeah...and Pick Me!! ;-)

Testing once more ...

One more chance-A comment

another shot

Adding my ticket stub for the grand prize!

I'm going to try again! Please hook me up!


I need a copy. Thanks.

This is the first year I need tax prep software. A win here would be a nice savings.

Yeah! Another chance!

I'll use it. Thanks.

I will try again :)

One last chance.

I will try again :)

So far I'm just a loser.

Please sign me up

good mornin

Last chance

i think i can, i think i can, WIN!!!

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Thanks for the great giveaways -- happy tax season.

Once more.

Let's save some taxes.

Oh, Oh, Oh, Mr. Carter!

I could really use the program.

I'm in!

Here is my entry.

Me Too.

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