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January 09, 2008


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Thats Great, but you know i would not need the Turbo Tax software if we did not have TAXES just flat tax or sales tax a fair TAX 4 for ALL Its bad enough we have to pay taxes But we also have to buy (SPEND) money just to do them.
WOW it never stops Its all about the MONEY BABY.
Well i sure can use a copy PLEASE PLEASE
Thanks man

This is awesome!!! Thanks so much for this chance!!!

In to win it.

Ring Ring Ring Ring banana Phone

I'm a regular on your blog.....So I'll give it a try...Thanks

Include me..thanks!

Now you're talking... I'm in!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner?, Yes please

need tax help please

Mmm.... free tax software

I'd like to give it a shot...though I have been using TaxCut for the last 3 years. Wonder how different they are.

yes please! thanks!

for the record, I stayed out of the YNAB giveaways because I already have a budgeting system set up and didn't need it -- thus conquering my urge to 'try to get something just because it's free'... feel free to reward that spirit of frugality :)

It's Tax Time!

I want to win!

i used the "other" tax program last year to try after using turbotax for a couple of years. boy was that a mistake! i want to come back to the first one i used and the best one i've used. would be neato keeno to get "rewarded" so to speak for coming back to turbotax... i've also just bought a house and would appreciate the help that turbotax could give me in getting the most from my return. thanks!

I've been using TT for several years, and it usually integrates really well, checking the default directory it sets up and importing data from the previous years return to make it easy.


As my son would say "pease"


I need a tax program.

enjoy your blog. I'd love to win turbo tax!

Please. I didn't win one YNAB.

Great, with my properties, this is the version I need! Thanks!!

Let me tell you how it will be,
There’s one for you, nineteen for me!

The only thing that will make this tax season pleasant is a free copy of TurboTax

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

TurboTax is an excellent tool for easing tax stress. I'd love to get a copy! Thanks for sharing.

AM I the lucky one?

AM I the lucky one?

Did I win!? :)

Maybe Ill win this time.

Am I logged in?

This may be too late, but I think you should give a copy to the pastors, the moose/bicycle dude, and the groom. Just a thought.

Thanks for passing it along!

Thanks for offering this great opportunity. I hope I'll be luck enough to get the prize. I'll use the money saved to buy some flowers for my wife and daughter.

Wow... for years, I did my own taxes using a 1040ez form and getting back my little refund thinking, "This is great! Getting this nice little bonus out of nowhere. Then I started hearing about people getting an enormous (at least it was to me at the time) amount of money back in taxes. I wondered, "What the heck am I doing wrong?" So my friend told he actually had someone else doing his taxes, which lead to me learning about "tax professionals". Soon afterwards, I met one of these "tax professions" at a house party of all places and they told me that they would "hook me up" with my taxes.

I was hesitant at the time, but eventually gave in and gave this person my personal information to do my taxes.

Well, with my taxes now being down by someone who knew what they were doing, I soon starting getting refunds more then 5x what I was getting, doing them myself.

After a few years of having my taxes done for me, I was entertaining the idea of doing my taxes myself this year, with the aid of Turbo Tax. And wouldn't you have it... a contest where I could actually WIN a free one.

Hook me up!


Sign me up! I've been using Turbo Tax for years, it sure would be nice to have a free copy!

Thanks for the chance to win turbo tax. I have used the online version now for 4 years and with getting married this year I am sure using the deluxe version will come in handy to help me find deductions and how to change my tax withholdings

I need to get my taxes started

This giveaway is now closed. WOW! Almost 200 entries!!!!

The winner is Matt who posted at 1:43 pm on January 9. Congrats!

Matt, please email me (see: ) and we'll arrange to get you your prize.

Everyone else, stay tuned -- there will be another giveaway later this morning.

I would like one.

Thank you again for the fun way to share your generosity. Have a great week!

I'm broke I need it.

I have never try turbo tax, but I have heard alot about it so I want to try out. It would be great if I can win. Thanks in advance.

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