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January 09, 2008


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What a great contest! Please pick me!

Sweet! I was going to buy a copy of TurboTax Premier because my wife has consulting income, but maybe I won't have to. Thanks for the great blog. Keep it up!

Awesome! I was just getting ready to buy my copy!

I would love to win a copy.

I entered every day for UNAB, this one is just as good. Thanks for doing this!!! I hope I win this, doing your own taxes can save you a ton of money.

Win Win WIn Win Me!

Count me in.

Does this edition of the software work in Canada?

Awesome! We use TurboTax every year, but we haven't bought this year's version yet.

*Fingers Crossed*

This is a really nice giveaway. I hope I am the lucky one. Big bucks, no whammies!

I would love to be picked. :hopes:

I would LOVE a tax program!

I love this program, hopefully I can win it!

Give it to me.

If I win will I have to worry about it on my taxes? :)

Are Mac & PC in the same package? If so, count me in!

good luck everybody!

YNAB and TurboTax are a sure-fire winning combination.

I could sure use one of those this year!

hate taxes, but love TurboTax

I usually do this online, but that costs money. Free doesn't.

I'm in.

Longtime lurking reader would love to do his new bride's taxes for free this year! Make it happen!

Sign me up!

I would like to try :)

I'm in.

I don't even know what these "taxes" you speak of are, but I know I like turbo-charging. Is that a problem?

I just got a copy of Tax Cut in the mail; will have to pay for it if I use it. I prefer Turbo Tax, so this would be sweet!

[requisite placeholder comment]

I was just debating whether to go ahead and buy TurboTax at the store yesterday.

Nobody needs free tax software, but I want free tax software.

Who gave you the best advice how to fix screw sears?!

We not need it if we had the Fair Tax :--) Anyway, I have not bought my copy yet, so this would be awesome!


I just started the 298-page Publication 17 document because I'm thinking of doing it myself and understanding how the taxes work. I'd certainly welcome some assistance from Turbotax

Count me in

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your site. As a fairly recent college graduate with a pile of debt and out on my own, your site has been an amazing resource. Thanks for everything, including the chance to win TurboTax since I'll be doing my taxes on my own for the first time this year. Wish me luck.

Would love a copy of Turbo Tax!

in it to win it

I would love to win TurboTax. This year my taxes are going to be more complex than the simple 1040 EZ, so I need all the help (money saving) help I can get..... Thanks!!!!


Another great contest. Sign me up.

I could sure use this!!

*sigh* taxes...this will help lots.

I love Turbo Tax!!

I need the premiere edition this yeay as i just opened up my first small business! had a few clients and am putting the extra $ earned to our debt! "debt free in '08 baby!"

great idea for contest - something we really need

It's a little intimidating how many people have responded already. I hope you have lots of copies to give out ... including one for me? Thanks for the opportunity!

That would certainly be a nice addition. Thanks for the opportunity.

One way may to make money is to make a habit of asking for it.

Saturday I asked for my free First Time Oil/Lube/Tire Rotation from my local Honda Dealer even though I actually bought my car from a dealer about an hour away (because of price). At first they said no, then they changed their mind and comped me.... ~$39 value.

A retailer was out of Asics in my size on sale for ~$50. After that I tried on a pair of $85 Nikes, they had my sized. I asked for Nikes at the $50 price. They said yes. Truth is the Nikes were my target from the start.

here's a try

I come to this site for the great content, but these giveaways just keep getting better! I'd love to win a copy of TurboTax 2008.

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