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February 27, 2008


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This is a company worth looking at if you have any control over the administration of your company's 401k. Employee Fiduciary... They have a full cost disclosure policy and return any sales commissions offered by funds back to the plan participants.

The whole 401k system is total BS. Why should I be required to invest ONLY in the funds my employer chooses to allow me to invest in and ONLY through a company my employer chooses for me? That isn't capitalism, it's captivity. Ideally, I would be able to open a 401k account with anybody I chose and have it follow me around. I would just give my account number to HR whenever I start a new job and they would handle contributions the same way they handle direct deposit. I'd be willing to bet most of these outrageous fees would disappear overnight if companies were forced to actually compete for our retirement dollars.

Of course by the time it adds up to $660K then that will be going price of a mid level car! Still small percentages add up over time.


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