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February 12, 2008


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Hi, just started reading your site, and it looks like lots of good info.

But can I complain about one of my biggest Web pet-peeves?

*** Sites should NOT force link underlining! ***

By default, browsers underline all links. Users who don't like underlined text all over the web make the effort to turn this "feature" off in their browser.

Sites that force it upon us for their own site are, frankly, rude.

Please turn it off so I can enjoy your site.


Let's see, Citi Dividend at 2% max rate for the year, $300 back in 07
Chase Cash Rewards at 5% max rate, $200 back in 07
Amex Costco card at 3% for eating out, $200 back in 07
Discover, $40 back in 07
Citi Driver's edge, rebates redeemed $120 in 07, still have ~600 on the card. That 6% plus 1c/mile really adds up in the 12 month intro period.
Freedom $250 sign up bonus.

Total amount charged, right around 40K

There's always an easy way to hit that $800 target! Spend spend spend. Woot.

At about $350 ish total for both of my Chase Freedom cards, of which $100 was a sign-up bonus. Sometimes I'm flabbergast by the amount I spend after I look at the cash-backs I've earned from credit card use.

Cap you took the words right out of my mouth.

I prefer the underlined links.

We have American Express Blue too, and we get that much back too every year...makes me wonder though....would I have spent less not knowing this?

> I prefer the underlined links.

You can turn then on in your browser preferences, and have them available for every site you visit ... but your choice doesn't have to be foisted on all of us.

Before you celebrate getting all those cash rebates, go back over your spending with a critical eye towards all those things you bought with a credit card and how easy it was to let it ride. If you only had cash in your wallet to spend, would you have spent with the same ease knowing that you would not be getting a 1.8% rebate? If it is as easy for you to feel the wealth slipping away with every credit card transaction as you do when you feel, see, and smell those $20 bills that leave your hands, and you can prove that you were wise and disciplined more than 98.3% of the time you used those cash back credit cards, and you have no buyer's remose for more than 98.3% of your total purchases, then you came out ahead.

Sometimes psychology is more powerful, and most people would be better off paying with cash, even with the rebates, no annual fee, and no interest that provide the incentive to pile up the spending.

@J: Wow, you're the first person I've ever seen complain about that in over 14 years of almost daily web use. Why does it bother you so much?


Simply because I don't like underlines everywhere.

Links are already underlined by default by all the major browsers. So, most people don't even notice the sites that force underline linking.

It is only noticed by those that have turned off link underlines within their browser ... and thus like it that way.

It's simply that I don't understand why a site would do it when:
1) The people that like underlined links already get it by default from their browser, and won't even notice that you've done it on your site.
2) The people that DON'T like underlined links are the only one that will notice a site forces it, and it runs counter to what they prefer.

So in conclusion, if doing something will only be noticed by those who don't like it, why do it?

I understand that you tend to prefer rewards credit cards which you will keep even after whatever promotional offer they have. But, if you do not mind having an extra credit card on your credit report for a litte while then I have a suggestion.

Currently the promo on the Citi Cash Rewards card is 5% cash back on all purchases for 3 months (drops to 1% after that). With the amount you show to be spending on credit cards (~$2,400/mnth) it seems worth your while to try it out and cancel the card after the promotional period. It would easily allow you to surpass your $800 goal.

I see nothing wrong with this practice so long as you don't apply for every credit card just for the promotional offer. I would say this is one promo offer that is actually worth it.

WOW... These are the best credit card offers... Thank you

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