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February 14, 2008


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That first part from the WSJ applies to whom exactly? If you get a $5000 check from your taxes in March and the market is on a dip, what exactly is the alternative the WSJ says you should try over a depressed stock market? If you are DCA into your taxable account, you shouldn't be buying when the stocks are depressed and instead you should put your money in a MMF?

I am confused.

I think the first part of the article is aimed at people looking to "time" the market. They are just warning you that it doesn't always bounce back as quickly as you would like. If you are planning on keeping the money invested for 10 - 20 year, buying on dips is a great idea.

"Many investors assume a stock market "correction" of 10% or more is automatically a great buying opportunity."

Many people .. hmm .. maybe that's the origin of bear market rallies.

The typical bear typically goes down by 30% thus eradicating a 43% gain. So it could go down another 20%.

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