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February 09, 2008


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Great post. Most of my friends and colleagues never think of disability as an option. It nearly became a reality in 2007 when a serious sports injury nearly kept me out of work long term. Thankfully my spouse and coworkers were supportive enough to help me out during my recovery.

thanks for the post. i unfortunately did become disabled from a car accident. luckily at the time had a good job with good benefits but after several yrs. lost that job because of permanent restrictions.

its been almost 8 years since the accident. now i have a part time job that i love and do get soc.sec. disability, but ended up losing my house and did get into credit card debt.

getting into a budget counseling program was the best way to help get back on track. they had me do what you suggested...make a list of essentials and do without the extras. it'll take a while but i feel much more optimistic about the future.

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