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February 25, 2008


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The haggling one makes it really easy to save the $100. For example, when buying a car, it is usually easy to haggle off at least $500. $1000 should be easy when buying a house after the home inspector writes the report. Other things such as when I had a plumber do some work for me, the original cost was $500 and I asked for a discount since I used him for other work before and he reduced it by $50.

Switching to drinking only water is a huge one. It could save you tens of thousands of dollars over the years in avoided health-care costs.

I'll second the drinking water one. Think about how much cola or other soft drinks one might buy. Water is cheap and can help you lose a lot of weight. Now if you have to drink bottled water and can't settle for tap water you still might spend a bunch but I just go with tap water. It also keeps me full so I tend not to eat as much another benefit.

I don;t know what's so great about coupons. There are only a dew items to which I have brand loyalty, and rarely see coupons for them.

For everything else with coupons, either I don't use the item (most cases), or the store brand is still cheaper even with a coupon.

Supermarkets in my area don't double coupons, and the supermarket with the best prices accepts only "original" coupons, i.e. nothing run off your printer.

For those who insist on drinking something other than water, Wal-Mart has sugar-free drink mixes in several flavors which make up to 12 quarts for $1.88.

If you really can't abide washing in cold water (OK I'd do it sometimes in the summer, but not in the winter, plus there are health benefits to using hot water) then at least ensure that your boiler is operating efficiently, not heating water all day for the sake of it, and only using what you really need.

I admire anyone who can survive purely with cold water, honestly!

"For those who insist on drinking something other than water"

Wow, you make it sound like a crime! Saving money is all very well, but if you're not enjoying your life, what's the point?

It seems that corporations out there are finding new and more obnoxious ways to get more and more money out of all of us.

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