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February 29, 2008


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Congrats. Sounds like you were given the same or similar deal they offered me at the beginning of the year: Upgrade to the next programming tier and get a 1-year introductory rate that's $35 less per month that what I was already paying. I'll need to renegotiate with Comcast again sometime in early 2009 but maybe FIOS will be in my area then and I'll have even more leverage. :)

Did your offer have a 1-year cutoff?

I just tried calling Comcast, and I told them I was unhappy with the price hikes they've had, and that I'm considering switching to another company to get an introductory rate. They wouldn't budge a bit. What am I doing wrong? I'm a pretty nice guy, and I don't like yelling at customer service agents since they're just doing their job. Do I need to be a little meaner to get the rate drop?

Try again. Maybe it was the rep you taked to.


You shouldn't have to be mean at all. In fact, I think meanness makes a rate reduction less likely. It's just business.

Call up Comcast's competitor to find out exactly what they're willing to offer you, and what the installation cost would be. Then call Comcast back with some specific numbers and see if they're willing to match or beat the competitor's offer. If not, follow through on the threat and switch.

Also, when you talk to them, don't frame the discussion in terms of rate HIKES you're unhappy with. Comcast may have raised their prices just because they're passing along increased costs from the media companies. No sense comparing Comcast in the present with Comcast in the past, because neither you nor they can go back to the past. Always keep the discussion centered on what your alternatives are right now.

Finally, keep in mind that one of your alternatives is to drop cable service altogether. Even before FiOS came to my neighborhood, I was prepared to do that and Comcast offered me a great deal to stay. I think they're more afraid of people breaking their addiction to TV than they are of direct competition!

Good luck!

Try calling again. I just did the same thing and got the introductory rate. Make sure that you have a comparable rate from the competition, even an intro rate.

Say the word "satellite" or, even better, "FIOS." It was amazing the shift in tone once they realized I was actively considering one of their cheaper competitors. Also, make sure you've been transferred to someone in the retention department. They're usually the ones with the most clout to offer a deal.

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