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February 12, 2008


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hah, that graphic is 100% true.

No, it's not. That's totally ridiculous. Anyone who believes that must have a screw loose.

Who is on the right side of the =, the blogger or the commenter?

What is your advice and is there a way to calculate the following scenario: my son has 60k to buy a piece of rental property with a positive cash flow. The property is valued at $725k. The mortgage will be paid off in 29 years at 5%.

Should he buy property, that is a positive cash flow, long term investment or should he put the 60K in a CD and let it sit for 30 years. At that time he'd be 47 years old.

I am also foreseeing him needing the 3400.00 month mortgage interest write off in a few years when he has income. The rental has a one bedroom, a three bedroom and a five bedroom.

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