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February 21, 2008


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The only true way to get rid of your debt is to pay the bills off and spend less than you make. All that the Fair Credit Act would be involved is sending letters disputing items on your credit report.

Work on the inflow of money into your household and reduce the outflow, you'll be saying goodbye to those balances like I have been.

The word here is 'debt' not 'debit'. Fix that and Google will provide you with answers:

Or just read through their FAQ:

Someone on the above-linked forum provides this BBB reference:

Bottom line: DO NOT do business with this company.

As I've always said "Credit Counseling is code for fraud." I would bet good money this is a company out to make a buck or two off of her. Its most definitely no government agency.

Jeb --

Corrected. Thanks.

The simple fact that they use the word "Federal" while not actually being a government agency should throw a big red flag.

I found another uncomplimentary website at

All debt reduction agencies are great - if you are working for them. They will take your friend's money to do something that she could do herself. My advice: your friend should peruse the internet for guidance on negotiating better terms with her credit card companies, figure out how much she has to put towards her cards a month and work out a plan to pay them down. If she doesn't make enough money to even make the minimum payments, then it's time to speak with a bankruptcy attorney. However, if she can pay the minimums, this will give her a real appreciation for how credit works and she hopefully won't find herself back in this place again. Debt reduction agencies are like payday lenders - RIPOFFS

I was reading through their FAQ that Sick of Debt posted. A couple of items I would like to point out. 1. The site repeatedly says "We do not give financial advice." WHAT? This is supposedly a debt reduction service - what kind of advice does it give? 2. It referenced providing attorney services. Unless they have attorneys licensed to practice law in all 50 states, they may very well be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, assuming, since they don't provide financial advice, they are offering legal services. 3. And as for the whole "Your attorney will think we're crazy because he or she doesn't understand the banking system" I am a banking attorney. This is my work. These people are full of crap. Sorry to be so fervent, but these people are a bunch of crooks. I hate that they are taking people's money.

Quite honestly, I'd say "NO! NO! NO!" She needs to remember this simple mantra...

"If it sounds to good to be true... It probably is."

Has the poster checked into local non-profit organizations to help her out? I believe Goodwill has a credit counseling department, or at least they can hook you up with a reputable company.

FDRS saved my life. All the nay sayers need to realize their ignorant responses are based on perceptions, which are not at all reflecting on the reality of this amazing debt elimination company! They did work for me and I only sing praises for such an incredible patriotic organization!

Tell me about them. How did they help you?

First off I'd like 2 say congrats 2 the idiot a couple of comments above mine! Not bcuz he knows wut he's talkin about but just the opposite. If ur really a banking attourney then u should understand the fraud that the banks commit EVERY DAY of our lives! I understand every bit of it that might b the reason that I've been in fdrs's program and have been done with the program for 13 months already! So yes people it works! I'm living proof!! And if u wanna understand more about wut fdrs does then I would suggest researching the "fair credit reporting act" laws, the "fair debt collection practices act" laws, the fair credit billing act" laws, and there are a few more that they use which u could simply just ask them. They were generous enough 2 tell me! Dont go off peoples opinions who have not even been through the program. They might just b mad bcuz they couldnt qualify! Take care n god bless!!!!!!

I just got off the phone with FDRS and it sounds good, I have been to their web site and I like what I see there, but would like to see more input from those who have used them to clean up their debt.

I just spoke with a rep of FDRS. I agree, they "sound" good but...

there are so many scam outfits in place that I cannot be sure as to their being legit. I also REALLY NEED TO KNOW if I would be foolish to get their help. Please, any direct details on FDRS being a sincerely helpful organization? How do I get the needed advice?

I have to agree with the comment above. "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is." I am deeply in debt and this sounded good when I talked to the rep on the phone. After doing some research online, I have found numerous reports of FDRS not living up to their statements. I found a complaint on the BBB and they warn to use caution when dealing with this company. In reply to SID, when you want to make a point in forums like this, and especially when your calling a Banking Attorney an idiot, make sure you use real words. Doesn't help your cause much when you talk like a teenager. OH and in reference to Take care and God bless, always capitalize the Lords name. It makes him happy.

In summary, I will not be using the services of FDRS. They just dont sit well in my gut. Good luck all!

I've done research on fdrs and to tell you the truth, I expected to see more posts with negative responses from people who actually used the company. The vast majority of negative posts come from people expressing their opinions.
The self-proclaimed bank lawyer who posted here- is he/she really a lawyer? I could say I'm a US Senator from Alabama w/the same amount of credibility. And for a lawyer to say "these people are a bunch of crooks. I hate that they are taking people's money", well, we've all heard people use the same comments about lawyers.
And to those who say "don't purchase more than you can pay" - why state the obvious and put peoples' faces in it? Perhaps they had a catastrophic medical injury and had to use credit to pay?
So if you haven't used the service and you don't know their methodology, why knock them? People are here looking for the experience of actual users, not fear mongers.

They have a big fat F rating with the Better Business Bureaus . FDRS is a scam and that goes for any of these bogus Debt Termination company's that play the " No Money Lent "strategy. Do a google search for " Debt Termination " or " No Money Lent ". You will find tons of articles about this scam.

I know my experience with FDRS has been very positive. I always assumed there was some corruption hovering over our government and America's Banking system. Now I can look on their website, or watch documentaries like "Freedom to Facism." It's very empowering to have the proof in front of you; down to every law, or abscene thereof. It's also motivating to know a group of people exist somewhere who are fighting to remove this corruption. The burden of debt is being removed from people's lives!

Sorry, but this one is a scam. You can recognize this type of company very easily. They make the claim that because of how our monetary system works, you never really borrowed any money in the first place! Their system is based on the false belief that credit card banks are operating illegally by extending credit to you. Absolutely do not give your money to one of these outfits! The fees start at $2,500 and go up from there. I spoke with one fellow who lost $15,000 in this scam.

Folks, there is no free lunch. The only thing such "debt termination services" will do for you is take your money. Their legal theories are total nonsense, and the courts do not recognize their arguments. These are the same people who also claim you don't need to pay your income taxes either. As tempting as it might be to try one of these services, you'll only get yourself in deeper trouble with your creditors.

To answer the original question, I know how you feel. When I first looked into FDRS I was skeptical as well. But at the same time I was sinking in debt and really wanted to believe. Then I got lucky and found out the guy at extension 151 is actually one of their debt specialist so I talked to him. He is a former small business consultant and has administered bankruptcies so he seemed to know what he was talking about. He put it to me straight-told me what they could do for me and what they couldn’t-the benefits and the pitfalls. I had a ton of delinquent hospital bills and he told me he couldn’t help me with those. If this was a scam why wouldn’t they just say they can do those too? Anyways, I’m happy. Hope that was helpful.

Avoid fraudulent programs that claim to eliminate, terminate or cancel debts, especially credit card obligations, or have them declared invalid. "Don't believe it. There are no loopholes," warns the FBI. Operators of these scams advertise heavily on the Internet, TV, radio, in newspapers and via direct mail, and even hold seminars. They often guarantee results, and usually charge an upfront “membership,” "voluntary contribution," "donation" or service fee from several hundred to thousands of dollars.

Individuals who enroll in these programs won’t lessen their debt, often lose the up-front money and further damage their credit ratings. Worse, creditors can sue those who use fraudulent means in trying to eliminate a legitimate debt.

The scam artists promise to wipe out debt using one or more strategies that sound enticing, but have no basis in law or finance:

* They cite secret laws known only to them as the basis for eradicating financial obligations.
* They allege that creditors lack authority to extend credit, lend money or charge interest, and that the contract is illegal.
* They assert that a person’s debt is really an asset to the credit-grantor, making the obligation in effect a “deposit” in a bank.
* They persuade debtors that they can establish their own arbitration companies to “certify” an “award” that diminishes or cancels a debt.
* They state that creditors will not pursue debt collection after one participates in one of these schemes.

The common thread among these up-front fee schemes is to fool debtors into paying often large sums of money to have an obligation cancelled. Sometimes, the ruse involves consumers submitting false documents—supplied by the scam artists—to creditors, such as fake arbitration awards, phony discharge certificates, worthless US Government or foreign debt instruments, or non-existent trust accounts.

Victims of these schemes lose more than their up-front money. Credit card companies often become more assertive in demanding repayment and may sue to collect. Some victims have their identities stolen.

I believe the Federal Debt Relief System is the perfect scam because when the credit card companies, collection agencies and banks start suing you (like they are me!!) The Federal Debt Relief System or is not responsible. And since they are dealing with people with money problems there is little risk for them getting sued. Fortunately my brother in-law is an attorney so he is taking my case. Unfortunately, the company is set up in a way that it’s hard to go after them so I'm suing this lady Veronica who “enrolled me”, but something is better than nothing.

Aaron Fisher. You need to file a compliant with the California State Attorney General. If enough people who get scammed by this company report to the it will grease the wheels of justice to shut the scampers down. Here is the contact info.

Attorney General - Bill Lockyer

Attorney General's Office
California Department of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550
VOICE - 1-800-952-5225 (Toll-free in CA)
TDY - 1-800-952-5548 (Toll-free in CA)
or (916) 324-5564
FAX - (916) 323-5341

Those who are reporting favorably about FDRS are more than likely people from FDRS. For example Jr., who posted on April 22 I believe is FDRSs’ managing director Mark Cella. I would recognize that low-brow, dim-witted form of speech anywhere.

Thanks In the know . I want to make this clear for anyone considering joining FDRS or any other scam company that offers debt termination services. It is a scam.

The scam is based on the bogus "no money lent" argument, where the claim is made that credit card banks cannot loan money legally. Through strange leaps of logic, the scammers claim that credit card banks are actually operating illegally, and so you never really borrowed any money when you used your credit cards! Therefore, you don't really need to pay anything back. You just have to follow their system and the debts will go away because the banks don't want this knowledge disclosed to the public!

I realize this may sound ridiculous at first glance, but the con artists are very convincing, California State Attorney Generaland there are dozens of websites promoting this dangerous scam. They refer to publications by the Federal Reserve Board, the Uniform Commercial Code, the Truth in Lending Act, and other public laws to bolster their claims and give an aura of legitimacy to their "program." I've talked with numerous consumers who have been conned out of $2,500, $5,000, even up to $15,000 because they believed the hype that these snake-oil salesmen were peddling. If you're $30,000, $50,000, or $100,000 deep in credit card debt, it can be very tempting to believe in a magic pill. What if you could pay someone 15% of the debt and make the rest of the debt disappear?

As tempting as the promoters make it sound, the debt elimination techniques they are using simply do not work. About the only thing they accomplish is getting you sued by your creditors. As you might expect, creditors hate this scam, and they come down hard on people trying to use this bogus "no money lent" system. You don't need to take my word for this. Check out the complaints on about Liberty Resources, a debt elimination scam that was shut down in Ohio. Or do some research on New Leaf Associates out of Florida, a scam that was shut down by the Florida Attorney General after consumers were ripped off for millions of dollars. I've personally talked to people who were caught up in both of these scams, as well as others who were involved in scams that have not yet been shut down.

Folks, there is no free lunch. The only thing such "debt termination services" will do for you is take your money. Their legal theories are total nonsense, and the courts do not recognize their arguments. These are the same people who also claim you don't need to pay your income taxes either. As tempting as it might be to try one of these services, you'll only get yourself in deeper trouble with your creditors.

If you have already been scammed by FDRS please report them to the Federal Trade Commission ,The
California State Attorney General as well as your own state attorney general , The Better Business Bureau and the FBI. Here are some sites to help you file complaints


For those who are considering FDRS I would also like to introduce you to a program that I am starting called UGRS (United Grocery Relief Service). How it works is, few people know but the grocery stores are corrupt and Americans don’t have to pay for groceries or necessary provisions. How UGRS works: Just wire $1,000.00 from your bank account to UGRS and immediately after when you go to the grocery store; get what you need and just walk out without paying. If you are questioned just tell them to call UGRSs’ toll free recording. If you are arrested or sent to jail just go along as this is part of our program. If you don’t go along then the program may not work.

So if you are someone who is seriously considering FDRS then I think UGRS is for you!
Team of 5, Starbucks Monday morning?

The simple fact that they use the word "Federal" while not actually being a government agency should throw a big red flag.

Posted by: Sarah | February 21, 2008 at 05:07 PM

Have you ever used Federal Express (aka Fedex)? That should throw up a red flag!

What about used money from the Federal Reserve? O shoot, that's not a government agency either! "Sponsored", but not quite the government ;)

Your logic sucks.

FDRS and its retarded sister CCDN are both scams. I was a part of the program for 10 months until last Friday when I went to court after being sued by one of my creditors. Tracy Webster at CCDN (the legal team) is only accessible through e-mail and is unresponsive to urgent requests for dealing with court proceedings. He also is very incomplete in his replies when he does decide to respond to an e-mail. They cost me $7000 before I quit the program and now am filing bankruptcy. DON"T GET INVOLVED WITH THESE THIEVES!

Their web site has forums discussing ridiculous crap about the Illiminatti , Neo Conservative ,Knights Templar, FreeMason ,Skull and Bones , reptilian lizard people from books written by David Icke . They advertise on conspiracy web sites like Alex Jones show & Genesis Communications Network. The only thing I agree with FDRS is that Federal Reserve is a big scam as well as the IRS however the laws currently back these private corporations so until you vote in office politicians like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich that would change the laws we will have to live with our current monetary and banking system. The courts do not recognize FDRS's crazy " no money lent " legal arguments because it is total nonsense.

A simple and concise retort to Sarah who commented February 21, 2008 regarding the word "Federal" in the title of Federal Debt Relief System." My first concern Sarah is that you make a statement that clearly indicates you haven't studied your history regarding the banking institutions. It is all on the Internet describing what the banks have been doing since our country was founded. You will find statements from US presidents, congressmen, senators, editors of the largest newspapers, etc. all condemning the activities of these banking practices for nearly over 200 years during and after the gold and silver was called in from the people by Roosevelt which actually started the beginning of inflation as there was nothing to back up the paper money as the gold and silver 'disappeared' many decades ago!! There is nothing in Fort Knox, my friends!!

It is no secret to those of us who care and truly want to help people understand how deceitful and underhanded these privately owned central banks are (12 in all in the United States).

You obviously do not understand what the FDRS program does my dear nor what the title represents. Let me explain and relieve you of your ignorance. The program 'relieves' the 'federal' debt of an individual from the fraudulent practices of the ... now read this carefully... "Federal Reserve Bank" (thus the word 'Federal" in the title) which is a PRIVATELY OWNED BANK... do you understand...? privately owned by multi-billionaire's such as Rockefeller, Rothchilds, Warburg (who was actually only a lieutenant of the Rockefellers), etc. The Federal Reserve Act was ratified on December 23, 1913 with only 13 out of the 48 states voting. It takes a two thirds majority to ratify in congress. Now... take out your calculator and see if 13 is two thirds of 48. Not by a long shot!! By the way, Dec. 23rd was a Sunday when the few Good Ole' Boys knew they would be the only ones in the room to vote as everyone else was celebrating Christmas. They had met for quite a while secretly planning this deceitful and insidious dupe on the American people.

There is nothing 'federal' about The Federal Reserve... it is not a branch or bank of the government although the government consistently borrows money from the Federal Reserve which has gotten us over 9 trillion dollars in debt not to mention the 32 trillion dollars they've 'borrowed' from social security owed to millions of seniors.

You need to read what these banks do with credit card applications when they receive them... how they turn them into promissory notes with a stamp on the back of the application unbeknownst to the card holder. Then they have the audacity to loan you your own money (which is illegal) and charge you interest on top of that.

Are you not aware that for every $1 borrowed on credit, personal unsecured loans and all monies given to the government that $33 are created and circulated for goods and services. Look up "Fracturing Money" on the Internet. It will explain this in detail. No wonder there is incredible inflation and everything is outrageously expensive! There is too much counterfeit money flying around. If the dollar bill was less available... more scarce, it would be worth much more and we wouldn't be paying the exorbitant prices for everything these days.

The IRS is not a department of the government either. The IRS is in essence a privately owned 'collection agency' hired by our greedy unlawful government to steal our income tax which is also illegal. Read the 16th amendment. The only entities that are to be taxed on their income are corporations that make a "PROFIT." The operative word here is 'PROFIT.' Individuals trade equal and equitable time and labor for their income and receive no profit and therefore are illegally taxed on income. I could go on for pages but would rather encourage all readers to take it upon themselves to become educated rather than critical due to ignorance and fear.

Sorry... this was not as simple or concise as I had intended but I am very passionate and educated on this subject and have little tolerance for those who ignorantly debase an organization or person that has made it their mission to educate and help those who are desperately in need. Sarah, it appears that you are one who is in need of knowledge and perhaps even this program or knows someone who is/does. I encourage all who may read this to step back, consider this information seriously (you have nothing to lose and knowledge to gain) and do your due diligence before foolishly jumping to quick uneducated quips and/or judgments about how this is all conspiracy theories regurgitated from a fragmented weak minded individual with mental health issues. For I too was ignorant for many years. My own testimony is that I am a college educated individual who grew up in a conservative home of a doctor and nurse. I have always been very down to earth, opened minded but not gullible, utilizing healthy cautious evaluation, am positive and optimistic and successfully apply common sense (most of the time).

I am glad and thankful to have this knowledge as I believe... no, I know... that it is vitally important for we as individuals to be politically aware... savvy... in these areas so that we have the tools to intelligently be proactive and respond responsibly and with accountability in fairness with regard to educating others who are less fortunate and are being taken advantage of every single day due to these unlawful and deceitful practices! FDRS is a program that is doing just that. They are educating the American people and helping to eliminate the illegal counterfeit money that the banks allegedly loaned them. Banks don't have money to lend. They don't lend money... for anything. They get electronic digits clicked into a computer from the Federal Reserve and Central Banks and make people pay principle and interest on their own money which is totally illegal.

Banks can not prove with any documentation that they lend their own money and that they would be hurt if it wasn't paid back. Go ahead. Read it for your self. Look it up on the internet or read history books in the library if you don't trust the internet. Look up Federal Reserve Act, 'History of Central Bank, Fraudulent Practices of the Federal Reserve or Central Banks, Credit Card applications to Illegal Promissory Notes, the list goes on. Don't take my word for it. Research it for your self. Look up Fair Debt Lending Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It's all there just waiting to be read. If you really want to find the truth you will do the research. If not, you will just be one of those people who make fun of those of us who do know and continue in your ignorant bliss of darkness laughing all the way to paying thousands of dollars in interest on your credit cards and personal loans or know friends and loved ones who are. How dare you. Become educated and help them... help yourself!!

Oh yes... any of you who may decide to respond with criticism and/or judgmentalism (obviously just plain ignorance) you are just going to further prove my point and appear quite ridiculous! Those of you who are smart and care more about truth than exercising small mindedness will do your research and realize this truth that has been going on right under our noses for over 200 years. They want to keep us ignorant... dumb us down, and have done so quite successfully over the years... and we have let them, but that is another subject entirely. However, I will give you one example though. They keep us distracted by throwing in our faces daily the absurdity that there is something of importance re: where Brittney Spears went shopping and who paid Paris Hilton to show up at some party that overshadows the war in the middle east, the nomination for the presidency and lest we not forget, the banking system... that is causing this incredulous inflation that is ultimately causing the devastating... to many... economic crises. We used to be #1 in education in the world. Now we are #27. Despicable, I'd say for what is considered the richest free nation of the world.

Don't be a dummy! Do something of importance and worthwhile...become educated so you can help others.

I agree with most of what you say about the Federal Reserve , the IRS , and Fractional Banking system. However like I said the courts do not recognize the arguments FDRS claims. The monetary system we use sucks but the laws do back the Federal Reserve and the IRS. If you don`t believe me don`t pay your taxes like Wesley Snipes and Willy Nelson did and see what happens. Federal Debt Relief System takes advantage of people who are desperate. The courts do not agree with their retarded " No Money Lent " legal theories . FDRS will only get you sued by your creditors and screw you out of your money. If you want to do something about the corrupt banking and tax system vote for politicians like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. Until congress passes laws to change the banking and tax system we will have to live with it. So yes people wake up. Stop voting for sell out politicians like John McAain and Barack Obama. They are both bought and paid for buy the corrupt system. Do research on people that actually want to follow the constitution. JUST DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH FDRS BECAUSE YOU WILL GET RAILED.

Thanks to all of you who have posted positive information about FDRS. I'm 14 months into the program. The negative stuff on the Internet is scary. However, when you realize that FDRS has helped over 8,000 people, it seems amazing that there are actually so few complaints. As we all know, there will always be people who just have to have something to complain about. FDRS does seem to try to keep improving the company. It is much easier to get through on the phones than it used to be. Customer service actually calls me sometimes. I'm still waiting to experience the actual conclusion, but I'm hopeful that it is going according to plan. I am very glad to know that there is a company out there that is trying to take on this problem.

I signed up with FDRS in initial monthly payment was way more than what they quoted me. I send faxes, they don't reply they get them. I make phone calls and wait on hold forever. I was repeatedly reassured that I wouldn't get sued. I got papers from Discover card on Friday afternoon that say they are suing me. I called FDRS and the woman I talked to said she didn't 'think' they could put a lien on my house. "Think?" That's not good enough for me...when i dug deeper, they haven't replied to the creditors like they said they would. They have taken almost $10,000 of my money and done nothing...except get me a lawsuit which they aren't going to defend.


Since Discover is suing you, you will be put in touch with the legal team. It it the OC or DC that is suing you? FDRS has NOTHING to do with the lawsuits. They are paper pushers as far as I can tell.

I am eight months into the program and I am being sued by a creditor right now. It took three days from faxing the lawsuit to FDRS to hear from the legal team.

The papers that they send for you to file are good, however; You will have to do quite a bit of research on your local court rules. The rules can be found on the web. For better or for worse, the legal team will coach you, but they will not hold your hand. You will have to do a lot of your own research. You will also need a copy of the dispute letter that was sent in your name. FDRS will give this to you, but it takes some prodding. Make sure you follow your local court rules TO THE LETTER! You must do things on the appointed dates or you will lose the case by default.

AS far as the faxes.. BE PROACTIVE! I call three days later to make sure it was received. I write down the name of the person I talked to and the time and date.

Honestly, for me, the jury's out on FDRS. I can't say I am 100% happy with them, but, they haven't lied to me yet... that I know of.

Good luck!

To all,

I used to post on a different board, but it was shut down due to personal attacks by a few.

I am simply posting my experiences with FDRS. I think it is important to to be able to have an open forum of experiences and a "support group" of sorts.

I don't care if you think FDRS is right or wrong, a scam or not. I honestly don't know if it is or isn't right now.

I do know I am into it eight months and if my experience with them helps others then so much the better.

I wish you all luck in whatever way you happen to take care of your own credit mess.

They took $2,000 and did nothing but give me a run around and told me I yes I have to get a lawyer. What was I paying them for if I have to buy my own lawyer. I thought they were the lawyers and I was paying them for representation!

I have been screwed over by the FDRS and their cohorts CCDN LAW. My chosen " attorney" was Tracy. Both have led me to believe they would get me out of my credit card debt, as easy as that. As of right now, I have paid them $2100 and all they have done is send me a few legal looking documents which I had to edit and fill in my own answers. I then had to do all my own footwork battling with the plaintiff's attorneys, only to find out I had to appear in court on my own, without any legal representation. I was essentially laughed out of court by the judge & plaintiff's attorney. I followed all the instructions I was given by Tracy @ CCDN LAW about what to do when I got to court, and I'll tell ya, without legal representation, I was a sitting duck. They destroyed me. CCDN has lied to me all the way. I was told they would take care of me for my up coming court apperance for 9/03/08. They told me they had tried to call me and had emailed me all day 9/01/08, yet I was home all day and the phone never rang and I received no email. This morning 9/03/08 I called them to find out what was going on & they told me I need $ 1500 to retain a lawyer to speak for me in court. THEY SCAMMED ME AND GOT ME !!I will lose my case today by default. DON'T TRUST FDRS OR CCDN LAW!!! DON'T FALL INTO THE TRAP I FELL INTO!!!

I have been with FDRS for many months. I have followed the program step by step. I unfortunately got myself into debt and was too embarassed to ask anyone for help. I signed up with FDRS and was told that CCDN would help me on the legal end. I was in contact with Tracy Webster as well and he did not help me at all. After being summons, I defaulted and I did not go to court because I was told CCDN would take care of it and would notify ME if I had to do anything. They never called. I had all my money taken out of my checking account. I set up a payment plan with my creditor because I was so scared. I am so embarassed and feel like a fool that I had faith and believed in this company because they really talk a good talk. It did take me a while to make a decision, but I did not want to do credit counseling or debt settlement. I thought going through FDRS would've been better in the 2 year long run. They still say they can help me and that CCDN is now out of the picture. Does anyone know if there is anyway I can get my money back from CCDN since they are a fraudulent, unethical company , yet they say the creditors are????

Someone please help. I am basically still trying to hang in there with them because they say they can I a huge fool or not??? I am more desperate now than I was before I started the program.!!!!!!!!!!

Hello FreeMoneyFinance participants,

To all those who posted about their positive experiences with Federal Debt Relief systems, we'd like to thank you for sharing!

Certainly everyone participating in this forum knows that the world is in serious debt today! In fact, the large majority of us know this first hand. Following are some startling facts which demonstrate that we are not alone.
-The average American with a credit file is responsible for $16,635 in debt, excluding mortages, according to Experian. (Source: U.S. News and World Report, "The End of Credit Card Consumerism," August 2008)
-Total U.S. consumer debt (which includes credit-card debt and non-credit-card debt but not mortgage debt) reached $2.55 trillion at the end of 2007, up from $2.42 trillion at the end of 2006. (Source: The Nilson Report)

These facts illustrate what we all know: Consumer debt is a BIG problem and it is growing. Fortunately, there are many institutions and organizations driven by a mission to relieve consumers of their debt.

Federal Debt Relief System is driven by this debt relief mission.

We encourage you to continue to explore your options for debt relief and genuinely wish financial freedom to all of us who are in debt and looking for a way out.

Federal Debt Relief System

I got a distressing email from my debt advisor at FDRS.
He said he left the company because Mark Cella was taking client's money instead of it going for attorney's fees to eliminate our debt. My debt advisor was met at the front door of the FDRS office building by someone from the Attorney General's office saying FDRS is under investigation. The Hollywood office was empty on the fourth floor where they worked. They moved to another office. Mark Cella has 10 people working out of a small office in another town at:
2600 Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA.
with just a handful of front people telling clients via phone everything is alright.

First, I advise closing the debit account they use to get at your money, ask for a supervisor at your bank and tell them about the FDRS scam.

Second, call FDRS account department or client care department at extension 772 if they are still using this extension, close this account with them and get a refund of your money and all your correspondence returned.Document your conversation. Don't spend one more dime, also email them that you close your account with them and again require a refund and all correspondence returned via mail.

Mark Cella's accounts have been frozen I heard.
50 million dollars worth of client's hard cash. Con men and sly salesmen such as he know how to prey upon those who are desperate and hope for a light at the end of the debt tunnel. Report your loss and this company to the Attorney General's office cooperate with them to get Mark Cella and your money back.

I have been advised that all the 'pro' thoughts or blogs about FDRS are written by their con men and women. All other pro thoughts are by those clients who are clinging to false hope. Please run away from this fraudulent company quickly.
I was also told not one person has gone through the program and eliminated their debt.

Anyone trying to intimidate those of us who have been burned by this company are just trying to feed their own pockets. Don't be fooled. Bullying is a form of abuse.
Look into total Bankruptcy it may be a legal solution to your debt. Price Law group in California are good as well as others get a referral from a close friend or co-worker. Consult an Attorney. It costs much less then FDRS and it's legal!
Best wishes for a stress free New Year.

It appears to me that most of the negative comments are from those in Michigan. I was also looped into this program through R&G Marketing. CCDN claiming to do the work, via the incredible Tracey Wester.

Based on what I've been reading I'm betting that they did not and or do not have the legal support within the state of Michigan that they claim to have. Might be why were all being sued.........

There are several marketing groups out there associated with CCDN. So if your looking into any type of program like this, and you here the words CCDN or the names Robert Lock & Tracey Webster, and expecially if your in Michigan....try something different. Bankruptcy may very well be in the future if you sign on with them.

FDRS is owned by Mark A Cella who basically runs a telemarketing boiler room with an aggressive marketing campaign on websites like Worldnetdaily, NewwithViews, GCN radio, Alex Jones, Republic Broadcasting etc etc.

Mark Cella instructs his salespeople to con clients out of 30% of their total unsecured debt with as much up fron payment as possible. FDRS then if you are lucky sends out a few dispute letters but that is pretty rare, FDRS and Mark Cella do essentially nothing for the consumer except take their money!

Mark Cella is a criminal and has conned consumers in the past as "Carefree Debt" when that failed he simply renamed his criminal enterprise FDRS.

I tried out FDRS. They took about $2,500 before sending any letters, which they were supposed to do. In the letter, the rep. said that the lawyers would write to the credit card companies not to call their client - which is me. I was current on my credit cards when I enrolled with FDRS. Since I enrolled and stopped paying the credit cards, they started calling me about 10-20 a day. I called my rep, Thomas Smith, several times about all these calls. He reassured me by saying that credit card companies usually ignore legal letters because they are very arrogant; not to worry, just keep notating what was said and how it made you feel and I'll get a lot of money from that later. Anyhow, I decided to quit the program after I paid them a total of over $3,000. I then sent letters to the credit card companies to stop calling me and to handle the matter in writing only. The calls stopped almost immediately. Anyhow, I'm trying to get my money back now.

However, the argument "no money lent" is not as bogus as many of you dismiss it to be. I point your attention to a landmark 1968 case First National Bank of Montgomery vs Jerome Daly (you can read about it here: The president of First National Bank admitted that money gets created out of thin air by bookkeeping entries.

The down side of these types of things is usualy even the sales agent is convinced into believing that they are doing something good. I almost took a job here I am glad I declined the offer. Im reminded of the monkey traps in Africa. The hunters set up boxes and place a piece of candy in the trap. The whole to the box is very small and once the money reaches in he makes a fist to hold onto the candy but cant get his hand out. The monky just dies there because he will not let go of the candy..If he did he would be able to get his hand out...Thats what greed does. To those of you who are in your bills you can call your credit card companeys and they will work with you or file BK..sorry for the mispellings. God Bless

I am 21 months in to the FDRS system. We are being sued by all credit card companies that we turned over to FDRS. Have already had one summary judgment against us and paid FDRS in full. Thousands of dollars. I need help. Where we are now there is no third party debt counseling company that will touch us. We built our credit for years and now it is below 600 due to this program.

In defense of Republic Broadcasting Network. The owner there Mr. Stadtmiller is actively communicating with me and FDRS. Mr. Stadtmiller is upset that they paid to advertise on his station and are not living up to their claims. I will admit I am not posting all details for good reason.

My understanding is if you draft a demand letter to FDRS, you can get all of your money back from them. I don't have any money for an attorney. Has anyone here drafted this kind of letter, sent it to FDRS, and was successful in getting your money back?

I'm 13 months into the program and completely miserable. FDRS has taken over $6773 dollars of mine and all of my debts remain and my credit is destroyed. My credit is in the basement and I'm being sued by one of three of the accounts I enrolled in the program.

STAY AWAY FROM FDRS. I agree with the above postings. Contact your creditors, ask to be enrolled in a DPL (debt liquidation program) if available or look into bankruptcy. FDRS doesn't even answer the phone anymore. They are scammers and if I had the money to travel to CA, I would bust in their door and take my cash out of these criminals asses.

information in my email.
The GOOD News

Apparently many of the recipients of my email decided to stop making payments to FDRS. FDRS decided to spread a bunch of lies about me, including that I’m a criminal and that I have been arrested numerous times. If you believe these totally unsubstantiated and obviously FALSE allegations, please continue to pay FDRS.

One person asked me for a response, so here you go:

* My bio is at, although I’ve been too busy to update since 2004.

* My lawsuits are posted at, including most filings and even the credit reports I submitted as exhibits are there.
* SOME of my fraud investigations are linked here:

* There is no such thing as a certificate of NOT being a criminal. So the best I can come up with is my California real estate broker license:
You do have to pass a background check to get a license and any convictions result in revocation of the license.

I WOULD sue FDRS and the persons responsible for their defamation (I have NEVER been arrested for anything) if it was possible to serve them. But I’m not going to spend thousands of dollars just to file a defamation lawsuit and to locate those lying scumbags.

If anyone at FDRS feels that I’m defaming them, I hereby REPEAT my offer to accept service by fax because I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to document my allegations.

The people are loosing their moral while becoming modern. The society needs to be attentive that moral value. Well, it shocking and needed and immediate attention to short out at the earlier.

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