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February 06, 2008


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I agree with not job hunting at the office, although I am guilty of it. You never know who is watching.

I disagree with not posting your resume online. I guess this is on there because your current company could find it online. This is true... but at least with Monster, you can block who can search your resume (not just hiding your personal information, actually blocking who sees it).

And most important, don't leave your resume in the Xerox machine or scanner. So many people I know have done this!

Definitely don't tell your boss you even thinking of moving on or looking for other work. This almost always will backfire.
I agree with FMF other options to rise in the company and/or make your current position more fruitful should have already been exhausted, so there's really no need to mention looking for another job.

The clothes question is actually more tricky than it may seem; in many offices, one interviews in a suit but never wears one to work (especially in Silicon Valley, where only lawyers and job applicants wear ties). In such places, someone interviewing for jobs would need to change clothes after an interview but before going back to work. And don't change clothes in a company restroom...

A friend of mine got a new job just a couple weeks ago. When he gave his 2 weeks notice, his old boss told him to get his stuff and be gone by the end of the day.

Telling your boss you're looking elsewhere is a good way to get fired, replaced, etc.

One exception is if you're planning to move to a different part of the country for non-work-related reasons, and your company has a presence both places. Then it makes sense to let your boss know that you plan to move at such-and-such time, and see if the other branch of your company has openings.

Foobarista: When interviewing, I either stopped for a snack after an interview (to calm my stomach) and changed my clothes then, or I simply wore a button-down shirt and black pants to work, and threw on my black suit jacket before heading in to an interview.

Also, I did tell my first boss that I was looking, once I was fairly sure I would be leaving in the next month. I had a good relationship with her and the company needed me - I wanted to give her more notice so that she could prepare; I didn't tell my coworkers until I had given my two-week notice, however.

I made the mistake of telling my boss I thought I could do better being self employed. I was 22 years old at the time and my boss called my bluff. He said go ahead and try it and you will be sorry. He didn't fire me, but I think he understood that I was a cocky 22 year old kid out of college. I did become self employed later on and have never looked back and my old boss is my best mentor.

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