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February 20, 2008


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How about discounted Star Wars Lego. Many of the products are only sold for a limited time. Stores like Target & Toys R Us have limited stock or out of stock. Ebay is frustrating and prices are often higher than retail.

This is great for parents who have kids who are into American Girl products, but I wonder if this is a legal use of the American Girl trademarks and trade names?

Dave --

I'm not sure what you mean.

Saw this on and thought of your posts... slashed prices on dozens of doll outfits and accessories during its latest sale. With prices starting at $6, most are at lowest-we've-seen prices. Plus, use coupon code "A382024" to get free shipping. A best bet is the Ready for Fun Outfit for Dolls (pictured) for $10 with free shipping. That's $16 off and the lowest total price we could find. This outfit includes a pair of jeans, zip-up hoodie and T-shirt, tennis shoes, socks, underwear, and ponytail holder.

Dave - just wanted to let you know it is legal to use the American Girl trademark as long as we are not claiming to be AG products. We have disclaimers on our site stating that we are not affliated with American Girl or Mattel.

I sent a mail order in for the Mia doll on Monday. I haven't heard anything from them since. Should I worry whether my order(with a check inside), actually got there? I mean how long does it take for the order to get there? And when will they contact me? I am beginning to worry if it got stolen and I'll never get the doll. Someone pls comment an answer to my questions.

Hayley --

If I mailed a check to a company on a Monday, I wouldn't be up in arms about it on Thursday. But if you want, why not call them?

If you go to Target they have "Our Generation" items. Their clothing comes with all accessories and costs around $9.99. These items fit the American Girl Doll perfectly and they are cute. They have scooters, horses, styling chairs, beds, etc. Their items are cute and very affordable. They are available online or in the store. The bed they have is very very close match to the American Girl trundle bed. It is pink and light blue and very cute.

It doesnt take much time or skill to shop on ebay for doll stuff or even DOLLS!! ive got at least 6 or 7 AG dolls off ebay for less than 60.00. And if they need a new wig thats like 16.00 and its very easy to replace on the doll. Most doll clothes on the AG site are very generic and GAP like. I actually prefer handmade styling doll clothes from prominent doll clothes sellers on ebay like doll*sewer and Liberty Jane. There are so many low cost doll items that are even AG brand on ebay. Shipping is right there on the page so there are NO surprise shipping costs and most are doing low to free shipping to attract business. I personally dont care about fancy packaging and prefer the padded envelope that costs like 5 or more dollars cheaper!! there's also Tons of sites online that show how to make fake doll food and free doll clothes patterns as well as crafts the girls can do for thier dolls!!

Try Target. Also, try browsing the internet for contest. Normally, their will always be one where you can win something free.

I am a thirteen year old girl and I am always on the American Girl website, looking on google for other place to find chepaer American Girl dolls and items, but nothing so far.
And the other day I was on American Girl AGAIN! I calculating my wishlist for just all dolls I wanted. It came out to +3000. Then i did my total for everything on the entire website and that came out to about +9000.

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