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February 01, 2008


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I bet a huge percentage of people who read this blog (or read PF books) take out cash overseas.

That is actually one of the reasons I ditched Bank of America and went with a Wamu/HSBC combo. International fees can be truly mindboggling. Mine were at almost $50 from one trip with Bank of America. It made me really mad, but it was my fault for not investigating (the moral of the book).

Of several rebate forms I've completed TO THE LETTER I've only actually received the rebate on two. Rebates are a total scam, unless they're instant rebates right at the store.

It never hurts to ask. For years I paid my bank $5.95 a month for "PC Banking", the ability to write checks and download transactions directly into Microsoft Money or Quicken. I just accepted it as par for course. Then money got a little tight and I called the bank up to wave the fee. Technically they couldn't, but they could credit my account $5.95 each month instead. If only I had done that years ago I would have saved $71.40 a year.


Mrs. W: You must be very unlucky. I've probably redeemed 20-25 rebates of various kinds in the last several years, and have never had a problem. These range from contact lenses to various Costco rebates, TurboTax, Best Buy, and a few others.

FMF: I don't recall any recent blog entries here on the subject of rebates....maybe this would be a good material for the near future? (hint hint)

Shorty --

No, I haven't ranted about rebates for quite some time now. Maybe I need to do so again. ;-)

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