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February 22, 2008


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How timely! Just last week I phoned my credit card company to complain about a $39 late fee. I had paid my card online, on time (for the west coast), however the eastern time was 12:05am and I was socked for a late fee. My first attempt to request a courtesy refund of the fee met with no luck. I have never been late with a payment so I figured they would just grant my request without any problems. I was shocked and a few days later I had decided to give it one more try and if I was not satisified I would make sure they knew I would take my business to another card. It still took more than 10 minutes of "discussion" until I was creditied the fee and had I not continued to insist that I would take my business to another card I doubt they would have refunded the fee.

That's too bad, Keith that your card was not more accomodating. I don't ever pay late fees or their associated finance charges. I have paid a day or two late occassionally and get whapped with the feel. I call and explain that I want the fee removed. It's never been a problem. That said, I spend a lot of money on my card (yes too much, but I still manage to live within my means just not save as much), so they get their fees in other ways. My card is with Citibank, but I'm not stumping for them, as I've had luck with Chase and others over the years.

My family took a vacation last year and had terrible service on one of the flights. I sent an email to their customer service and got two coupons for $100 off my next flight, so that was nice.

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