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February 20, 2008


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Well, its tough to pass up potential free stuff, but Ill leave this one to people with kids ;)

Thanks so much for offering this great contest!

I have registered for the Emily Rose Club as requested. My daughter would love the opportunity for some new clothes for her babies.

My daughter loves playing with her American Girl and My Twin dolls, but they cost more to clothe than she does!

Thanks for the savings info!

My daughter just loves American Girl Dolls and clothes so I will keep my fingers crossed that we win. She is sick right now and this would definately put a smile on her face!!!

Thank you,

Sharon Martin

This giveaway is now closed.

The winner is Trenda, who posted at 2:04 pm on February 20. Congrats!

Trenda, please email me (see: ) and we'll arrange to get you your prize.

Thank you so much! My daughter is so excited! I have contacted you via email.

Thanks again.


keeping my fingers crossed for my little sister. her name is star and she is five years old. there is a twenty year difference in our ages. stars life is all about american girl dolls. thank you

Great Contest!

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