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March 14, 2008


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Is this the ugly way of things to come? Have we learned nothing at all the last few years? So now people will raid what little retirements they have and if they have anything left in their homes, they will take that too...and "thank-you" US companies for making it now so much easier than before...when will people start living within their means? I guess this means the rest of us will have to bail them out in 20 years...I'm wondering what it's going to take to change our consumer and "want it now" mentality..that's what's at the root of all this anyway.

Gosh, these newfangled cards that tap into your home equity or 401(k) account sound like a great and responsible new product from card industry. Swipe away your home equity! Swipe away your retirement! Sounds great! The only away it could be better: Install these machines in Las Vegas by attaching them to slot machines! What fun!

It's getting WAY too easy to just "charge it" and "forget about it." And now, instead of miring the present, it looks as though we can mire the future as well. Hmmm...

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