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March 20, 2008


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Obviously, some Americans will not be prepared in retirememt.

I've done the math and expect that retirement won't even be an option for me, and that I probably won't be able to work indefinitely.

Als, I have an expensive chronic condition and already have high health care costs (which in conjunction with my low income, mitigate against building retirement savings).

What's going to happen to people who can't pay?

To All:

The above comment by Minimum Wage is an example of the situation you don't want to be in. Choose a career path that pays 4 to 10 times the minimum wage, choose a company that has benefits, and save enough money for retirement. Thank you for you example on how to fail so that we can all avoid what you did.

"What's going to happen to people who can't pay?"

The rest of us responsible citizens will be forced to foot the bill.

You know I've notice alot of people bash the minimum wage worker...but, I ask you where would all the career people out there. What would happen to careers if there was no one to work the minimum wage jobs? A company can not operate without someone somewhere working for minimum wage. Maybe the career people should take a small cut in their wages so that the minimum wage people could get a little bit large wage!

Went --

Ryan isn't on MW's case for being a minimum wage worker, but instead for his regular "woe is me" comments. he's been given some opportunities and ideas for improving his lot -- he would rather complain instead.

If healthcare is going to be a big retirement issue, then I say that you simply aren't planning to retire on enough ... anybody aiming to retire on 'just' $1,000,000 will be caught short.

The solution? Take steps to grow your income NOW and invest more NOW, so that you can retire wealthy LATER ...

I don't disagree with any of FMFs comments.

However, we seriously need to get a grip on health care costs in America. At the rate things are going, NO ONE is going to be able to afford health care except the very rich. Even if we go to government sponsored health insurance (uggh, I dread the thought!!!), we'll be paying half of our incomes in taxes to pay for health care at this rate.

See the book "Who Killed Health Care" by Regina Herzlinger for details on how our bloated health care system gets things wrong and what we must do to get it back on track.

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