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March 27, 2008


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You giving all the money to charity is seriously inspiring to me. I already give a little to charity (and yup, it does seem to make me happy!) but I'm hoping that my trading efforts will soon reach a level where I can give a LOT more.

So I was thinking - a lot of people are talking about how they've all ready spent that "stimulus package" cash and are using it to pay bills.

What if - instead of saving it, using it for ourselves, we instead donate it to a charity? What better way to use the package than by donating it all to charity, to be spent (it's main goal) but in a way to help people (and our economy).

I'm a great believer in paying in out. It almost always comes back in some form.

I have mixed bag religious background, but the common denominator is that giving is divine.

I would agree with this.

I wonder if those who are happier to begin with are also more likely to give away money.

The saying "what comes around goes around" is applicable and synonymous to giving away money and become happier. Even the concept of the Rossicrussian would attest that the justification of becoming a millionaire is right for as long as the wealth accumulated would partly be for philanthropic
purposes. There is always that karmic law which says whatever you give it will return back to you. So if you part away your money for a worthy cause whether it will be for the charitable institutions, for the needy and for the street children, happiness will always be at your doorstep. Remember in the Bible, no less than Christ Himself advocated to a rich person when asked how he could attain happiness in life, Christ answered: " If you truly want to attain happiness in this life give all your fortunes to the poor and the needy." Even western authors would advocate that after all the searching of ways to become rich and wealthy, what is the ultimate aim in life? In the end, the ultimate aim of having vast amount of wealth is merely to share it with our less unfortunate brothers. Even great millionaires like John D. Rockefeller would advocate that it is the duty of every society and institution to provide descent job and compensation to its citizens. These advocacies had been made by great leaders and businessmen since they realize that parting away a portion of their money to the society and the less unfortunate ones will provide them ample happiness in life. Somehow, somewhere when you give away your money to the poor and needy it will repay you back a hundredfold. Parting away and giving your money is like throwing a boomerang, it will return back to your hands. Rich and successful business firms makes philanthropy a pillar of their operations. They realize that donating a portion of their wealth to a worthy cause would enable them to make their stay truly happy and justified. For what ever value is parted with there is a corresponding value received in return.

Posted by: Dr. Artfredo C. Abella, Ph.D. Africa

I loved your post. My real name is Karma and I am very spiritual about it. I truly believe that what you put out in life will come back to you. I love to give to people. When I have been able to give a gift to one of my children, buy something for someone, or just buy lunch for someone it always makes me feel good. It is rare that I can do this now because I am in college to get a degree (and hopefully my Doctrine in Psychology). I am 43 yrs old and only on my 2nd year, just got hit with a terrible divorce that left me in a very poor financial state. I know the temporary suffering of living on bread and water will be worth it because I want to work with juveniles who have had the misfortune of a life of crime due to no fault of their own. I am about to starve in the process but I do pray that when I am done I will be able to change at least 1 child's life to make him/her a much better person and prevent their own destruction or death. My heart is just racing right now thinking of how one day I hope to help someone. Most normal people get this feeling when they help someone. Others walk arond with their greed and won't even tip a waitress that has worked her tail off to give them a great night out. (and no I have never been a waitress ;+).
Karma is a very wonderful thing! I have felt it, lived it , dreamed it most of my adult life. When I was a child, I hated my name. Now, I call my dad and thank him over and over for the gift.
Karma Smoke

I believe the people that get the most satisfaction out of giving away money, are people who have been poor there self once. I know this from personal experience because I am poor, and I have alway said if I could win the lottery or come up with a good idea, or would have made different desitions, I would help someone just like me. I think I would get more out of it because I know how it feals to go without due to poverty.

I wish someone would give my family money, we have lots of love, but it is hard living every day, I am so tried of the struggle we are a family of 6, to see the pantry getting littler, because my 3 boys are eaters, but I know God answers prayers...

I think that giving is a blessing. I'm not rich. I do work and struggle like others but at times I do give. My car went down about five months ago, and I'm not able to fix it but I did give to toys for tots for this christmas which made me fill great. I know God will bless me in due time and that's the joy of giving. All though times are hard for me and my family we are still blessed. It's cold out and as long as the buses are running I consider that a true blessing. So I know god will answer our prayers.

My husband and I have been married 30 plus years. All our married life we have given just about everything we possibly could and in return would receive blessing after blessing for doing it. The great feeling you get is remarkable. The one thing that we were never really able to give much of was money. We have always lived on a shoestring, a very simple lifestyle. We always helped where help was needed. We believed that if you give out of love then you do not expect to get it back. I don't know, I always felt like if we were ever in need then all the people we reached out to would help us out. Boy was I wrong! A few years ago we found ourselves in a bad situation financially, we were on the brink of losing everything that we'd worked so hard for. We prayed, made phonecalls, sent emails and even sent out close to 100 letters explaining what was happening to family, friends, clients, church members, I mean everyone. You know how many helped us out? Not even a handful. So we ended up losing it all. So here we are trying to start all over again with nothing but a dream. A dream that one day soon I can hear our grandchildren say that they are going to grandma and papaw's house for a visit. Right now we are living with my husbands mother in a very small apartment so as you can see, they can't even come stay for a visit. I am really starting to lose all hope of ever having my own home ever again. But I will continue to pray and I also want to ask that each of you who read this, please pray for us too.

Giving is a great thing especially to those deserving it!but to expect a return,
only God is the sure repayer.(we have to built that wonderful world of giving and giving back,just like building a house to live in!)it's like my mom,she give, and if she don't get it back in time of need ,she is upset.Pray God doing his will and in faith,he will repay you remember what he say"I'm Holly so also must you be." read his bible his commandments to find what's wrong!

Beth Don't Give Up on God ! He keeps the Books and is well acquainted with your sacrifices. There is no easy way, if any way to explain what we feel is a Reversal Of Fortune so undeservedly. I am a Faithful Giver to the Body of Christ and still found myself homeless at one point.
God is Faithful! Right now I need an miracle to save a piece of property my sibling took out a loan for and didn't pay back. So far nothing. Keep on Serving, Keep Believing and Keep Trusting. God is not a man that He should Lie ! Remember we have an Adversary that buffets our Faith !

This is what I want more than money itself. And that is for one of you people that have so much money that they can give it away; to teach me or tell me how to make that kind of money for myself, so that I can freely give money to those in need. I look around and I see all this wealth and for the life of me I can't figure out how they make it. It seems that it just falls on them. I ask people how do you make money and they all shuffle their feet and stair at the ground and say well I'm just lucky or they just laugh it off. I've been just above poverty most of my life and I would just once wish someone who has made it help me make it and teach the art of making money the right way.

Mike B --

I have hundreds of ideas. Check out my categories labeled "career" and "making money." Tons of posts there telling you how to make more.

[email protected]
My children and I have been struggling for years, not as much as we have in the last 7 months however. A car accident took our transportation away, and breaking my sternum rendered me unable to work for months. Finding ourselves stuck in a place we cannont find work, find ourselves being evicted from the home we did accomplish getting for a few months till funding ran out. We just want to go back home, back to our jobs, and back to our happiness. But saving the $3000 it would take to do that seems never to come for us. So much depression, so much pain, so much struggle. I just need to get my kids back to where we belong.

Hello to everyone reading,

I believe that in giving, whether its in one's time, a helping hand, financially, anything truly makes one's self happy. In saying this everyone is blessed no matter how circumstances or situations may be at the time. Also being thankful and grateful for what we do have can make one happy and not looking at what we don't have.

I feel encouraged by reading others comments.

Thankyou to you All!

i am a 61 year old grandmother on disability with a 16 year old living with child support from not one of this child tell me me something living on a fixed income and this situation don't suck when the only cure is begging and being without.

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