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March 20, 2008


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This is, of course, excellent advice and I think it's important for parents to realize that their children could become victims.

My only thought is that they didn't specify how many of the 500,000 child victims of identity theft have actually had their identities stolen by relatives. I've heard quite a few horror stories of young adults whose credit was trashed by a parent while they were minors! I wonder what kind of recourse these children have???

When I sign my child up for something (like an educational magazine subscription, Lego club, a few online gaming sites), I always make a deliberate spelling error in his name. Or I use his middle name instead of his first name. I make a different "error" for each thing I sign him up for, and I keep a record. I do the same thing for myself for many websites that require "registration" etc. Of course, for anything important like school, bank, doctor, & the IRS I spell everything correctly.

Then if either of us starts getting credit card applications, junk mail, or spam I know exactly which vendor sold his information. I can then take appropriate steps: call & complain, stop using the site, etc.

I'm wondering if it would help prevent identity theft too? Anyone know if this is true? If they spell your name wrong but somehow get your other information, can they still "steal your identity"?


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