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March 24, 2008


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That is rather odd... are you sure it wasn't like the super sized special, or something else like that?

Very odd.

Assuming that they're not maliciously trying to screw over outsiders, what's the explanation here?

Similarly, buying in bulk is sometimes more expensive than buying multiple smaller packages. An example that most people are familiar with is Wendy's Chicken Nuggets. The order of 5 is $0.99, but the order of 10 is $1.99, $0.01 more than buying two orders of 5!

I'm very surprised they would do something like that...surely it was a mistake?

Why wouldn't you ask for clarification to satisfy your curiosity?

Guess we'll never know if the "special" pricing included something (coffee maybe?) that was accidentally wiped from the bottom of their whiteboard.

At nice places, the special is usually more expensive and more special. It's a special, just-caught fish or fancy beef cut or such. At sushi places, an elaborate roll. Common practice.

This was one of the most interesting/frustrating things we found out when we started to keep a price book for our grocery shopping.

I was especially put off by "2 for 1 sales" where the 2 for 1 price was increased to nearly twice what the normal price for a "single" was. And, of course, the price for single wasn't that great to begin with.

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