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March 19, 2008


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I think you have me convinced...I finished mine last night on Turbotax but I might try them on Taxcut.

I'm using the 1065 version of TaxCut this year to do taxes for an LLC, and it is not user-friendly at all. It doesn't really guide you in any way, it just assumes you know what you're doing. I'm sure next year it will be easy, but this year I had no idea what I was doing and the software didn't help. I have always used TurboTax for my personal return and it's wonderful.

Kyle - as a CPA, I would love to see what that 1065 looks like after TaxCut prepares it. Sounds a little scary.

This year I received a TaxCut CD in the mail. I installed it, paid $39.95 for it, and did my taxes. I then found out it was $19.95 to e-file each return (federal and state), another $40.00. Someone at work told me about TaxAct, so I decided to try it. My taxes came out exactly the same. Both were simple to use, but TaxAct was free. I paid a total of $21.90 to TaxAct for e-filing and for internet access to my information for X number of years. My taxes are similar to your co-worker's. Next year I'll start with TaxAct and skip paying the $39.95 (or more if they decide to up the price again).

As a State Farm customer, you can file your federal and state tax using TurboTax for free. I filed for federal and two states with e-file through TurboTax without any problems. All money added up was a pretty good saving.

My friend used the TurboTax online and typed in all information she needed. She took notes on those important amount figures and then filed her tax on government's website for free.

Personally I like to use online version instead of spending money to buy the software. So, I don't need to worry about downloading files/forms, troubleshooting for installation problems and any updates/changes for each year.

TAX CUT 2008 is a disaster!! I just finished my taxes using Tax Cut Premium State + efile for 2008, and I can't file. You see, they haven't finished writing the Tax Cut program (as of Feb 2, 2009). It won't be finished until at least Feb 11. And, there are only 2-of-50 State Programs available (Calif is NOT one of them). I am going to have to turn to another tax program to file my taxes. I have lost ALL confidence I had in Tax Cut. I just asked for a refund.

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