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March 16, 2008


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Work is not a punishment? Um, Genesis review, anyone?

And what is indefinite menial toil, if not puinishment?

Great post!

Do you ever stop Mr. Wage?

Really, when is the end of this crap? No really?

It's always good to consider what the Bible says.

Work existed before the Fall: tend the garden and keep it! (the oldest profession isn't prostitution, it's agriculture; and the second oldest is security!) Also, be fruitful and multiply. Anyone who thinks that doesn't involve work is seriously misguided.

Our work is how we serve others, and we are co-creators with God. It is a blessing and part of our sanctification.

Endless menial toil, like lifelong monogamy, IS a part of our path to holiness. LOL

Wealth is more than money. This is similar to the statement, is money wealth? the answer is no, it becomes only wealth when it serves a utility purpose. Empirical science will always point out that wealth is indeed more than money because wealth connotes to so many things in this world. Wealth could mean healthy living. This is the reason why one author would point us that there are five aspects in achieving wealth - that is wealth in terms of relationships, spirit, heart, health and of course in terms of financial aspect which includes money. The rationalization why men attain wealth is significantly pointed towards our gratitude and worship towards God. This so because everything in this celestial body in the universe which includes the earth belongs to God. We are merely the stewards of the richly and divine assets which He created. Money is one of the manifestations of wealth but the values and significance of money is still the creation and ownership of God. This is the reason why great authors would tell us that God wants us to be wealthy as He is. He created everything, hence to be poor or lacking in life is the opposite of what God wants us to be. A wealthy individual may not mean having vast amounts of money but may mean having healthy living. It may mean success in terms of career and goals in life or it can even mean having successful family relationships. Among the many researches made it is worthwhile to note that most wealthy individuals in this earth are the most reverend. Their faith towards the Omnipotence is so high that makes them wealthy. As the Christian faith would advocate: " Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." Even Prophet Mohammed would tell us: " Wealth is not having the material things in this world but it is having a contented mind." Even today most of the wealthy individuals in this world would practice philanthropy since they realize that everything in this world is temporary. When in fact, wealthy individuals of the modern world would always resonate that after having so much wealth the only ultimate goal is to help the poor, the needy and the less fortunate n life.

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