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March 21, 2008


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The state isn't going to win on this one. Let's protest, people!

I contested my assessed value this year in Allen Park, MI. They had heard from many of my neighbors already, so I didn't have much to add. They told me I would hear in 3-4 weeks on the decission. I contested because the assessed value is about 30% above 1/2 fair market value currently.

I live in Los Angeles County, where the tax assessor can only raise taxes a very small percent each year (thanks to Prop 13, I think it is). So even though my home's value has fallen about $100K in the last year (and $25K in the last two months!), our property taxes increase each year. But the assessed value is still WAY below its actual value.

CFO: I think that's the key. My house is assessed at about 230k. Fair market value 6 months ago was probably 300-310. Now it's probably 285-290. It's still higher than the assessed value.

All you Michigan homeowners have been subsidized for years under Proposal A''s nonhomestead tax.

So it's really really hard for me to have sympathy for you now.

Anyway, nobody can blame me since I voted against Proposal A.

As I read RWH's post I thought of the response and many other similar responses on other blogs.

There is an underlying disdain when it doesn't directly affect RWH - so why so much anger?

Why are middle class Americans so unsympathetic towards fellow middle classers? The same outrage is rarely directed at the upper (rich) class and money institutions.

P.S. I am fiscally conservative.

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