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April 23, 2008


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I actually did a guest post for Kacie at Sense to Save on the same topic shortly before this article came offers a few additional tips.

#10, I looked at pet insurance myself recently. From what I found I don't believe it is worth the cost.

Heres a Consumer REports article on the topic:

Key problem with the pet insurance policies I found is that they have fairly low limits on what they pay for any procedure. VPI has an example of benefits they would pay for a claim:
Getting $755 from your insurance for a $1450 procedure isn't very good coverage to pay $100-200 a year for.

Pet insurance still seems like a good idea so maybe there are better policies out there. I'd be interested to know if anyone fines one. But pay very close attention to the fine print on what they actually pay.


A week after I got two puppies from the same litter (I won't make that mistake again), one ended up in the Vet ER and racked up $700 in vet bills. It convinced me to get pet insurance.

Seven years later, I'm not as sure about that decision. Two dogs at roughly $20 each a month comes out to $3360 so far. I haven't gotten about a third of that back in payouts, even with a broken leg, back problems, and other issues big and small. It's nice to know that I have insurance, but I have to wonder how much of a return I would have made on 3K.

One thing to note is that unlike most insurance for humans, you end up paying the full cost of the pets procedure up front and then submitting a claim that they then evaluate to see how much to pay out. This should be taken into account when evaluating getting pet insurance.


"all need to employ the same sort of tactics we do with our own health"

Hehe... are you sure about that? Compared to our ideal tactics, maybe.

(Picturing my dog with a membership to CostCo...)

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