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April 25, 2008


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$25 Million is NOT a huge number? Or did you mean the $26M spread across the 100,000 people isn't a huge number? That works out to $260 extra per person using the site - then you are right, it isn't much.

I think the internet is full of stories about people being able to translate a passion for something - like a hobby - into a full-time income. Think about how many bloggers are out there that can subsidize their income with revenue from their blog - often a labor of love, not a 9-5 profession.

Eric --

Both. For comparison sakes, the greeting card industry is worth BILLIONS of dollars -- and it's just a small part of the overall "gift" industry.

Plus, as you've stated, the per seller amounts aren't great either.

I was a volunteer firefighter for many years; loved it. Then they started paying us $5 a call, now it's $10. Great hobby, turned into a little bit of cash on the side. :)

Working on it. But so far my best 'income' has been trading my items and services with other craftsmen. I've gotten some unique pieces that I'd never have contemplated owning otherwise.

Poker is my hobby, and on average I make a pretty decent hourly "wage." It's like I'm getting paid to have fun! (Not recommended as an alternative income source for most people.)

I can make just about any kind of craft out of wood and I would love to be doing that but I don't have the time to put into it right now. I have made a few bucks by selling some of my goods. I enjoy making things and donating them to churches or places like that so they can raffle them off. I know it doesn't make me any money but sometimes its about what you are doing for others.

"I know it doesn't make me any money but sometimes its about what you are doing for others."

It's nice to hear this for a change. We seem to have lost our perspective a sto the really important things in life.

3 years ago I decided to make all of my hobbies into profitable ventures. I started with internet poker and made a few thousand while enjoying myself for a few hours a week.

After the government shut that down, I began freelance writing. In less than one year, I've made more than 6 thousand dollars writing part time. This calendar year, I anticipate earning in the 10-15 thousand dollar range.

Everyone does something well. Find a way to market it, and it just may pay for an extra house payment, a Roth IRA contribution, or a vacation Maybe all three.

Good article. I recently wrote an article about how to turn passion to profit and this fits it perfect. Keep up the good work here.

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