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April 29, 2008


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I work with advance directives quite frequently, and I feel bad for the people who do not have advance directives in place before the worst happens. Advance Directives give people the opportunity to clearly define their wishes should the worst happen -- too often, family members involved in care decisions do not know or do not agree with the patient's wishes.

In my experience, a well crafted Living Will can define what treatments the patient wants and does not want, and be very specific based on situation or circumstance. I've seen Living Wills that define when the patient wants to be kept in a hospital, when they want respite care, when they want lab work, when they want comfort care, etc. A Living Will should be backed up by a Health Care Proxy, though, since it is impossible to predict any eventuality.

Hi. First, thanks for your time. I have an important question. I'm trying to help my mom. I'm her Health Care Proxy. However, my sister is her Conservator (estate and body I think). Which one takes precedence? It's important because my sister kindof hates my mom so isn't helping out of spite, and i'm very caring about the situation and want to help.


Perx --

I'll post your question for my readers in a couple weeks. Stay tuned.

I am a RN and the health care proxy inititaed in 2005 by my mother in she had full capacity. Her daughter holds durable POA effective 1992.
POA is attempting to have my HCP revoked alleging a conflict of interest as the principle now resides in a LTC facility in which I work per diem as a supervisor ( 1 weekend a month). I am not invoved in direct care of the principle. Can the POA have my HCP revoked and assume all decision making for social, financial, and medical activities for the prnciple?

Does a conservator of the person makes day-to-day living decisions, including where to live. How do I acquire living trust?

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