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April 21, 2008


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Money buys piece of mind and provides you with options in life which, to me, is happiness. Money is a means to an end. Because of this economy we all need more of it. For example, my gas station rose it's price of regular 20 cents in 4 days.

Certainly having money (or wealth or financial resources or income - however "money" is defined) provides no assurance of happiness, but it's well demonstrated that the lack of it is much more directly correlated to unhappiness. So if one were to choose a bias, based on the pursuit of happiness, the safe bet is having money, and not being impecunious.

It goes without saying that one needs money to survive (and thrive) in this world. Money will keep the wolf from the door, and more.

Money is no different that other inanimate objects, it's whoever controls it that make it either "good" or "bad", "happy" or "unhappy"

The one piece of wisdom I've heard from places is that money doesn't buy happiness, but it buys the most valuable resource of all: time. And time and effort are what are often needed to bring happiness. So money most definitely has value, because it is convertible to something that always has real value.

Money is the lubricant of life. With it - everything becomes a little easier...

Good post--and Richard, you're right, lack of money has been correlated with unhappiness, but this tends to level out once basic needs are met and a small amount over that to provide for some 'comfort.' But once that level is met, the correlation of increased riches and increased happiness are not direct any more. (I think I read about this study in 'your money or your life' by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.)

I think it's a mindset picture--people think money can buy happiness because their lack of (or bad management of) their own money seems to be their main problem. Therefore, it would follow that if only I had more money, I would be happy. And more money than that, more happiness, right?

But studies have shown over and again that big lottery winners often lose everything--and more than they started with, such as family relationships, etc. It's much more about our relationship with money-- is it the answer to all my problems? If I believe that when I am poor, I will still believe that when I'm wealthy-- and then I will find out that the problem was my attitude and mindset in the first place.

If money can't buy happiness then I do not know what poverty can buy is always what saying goes.

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