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April 01, 2008


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Thanks for publishing this, FMF. I hope your readers enjoy it. Only one tiny complaint, though:

There is a typo in the link to my website! It's missing the ".com" at the end! ;)

Kev and FMF, I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for the morning laugh.

Why are they stopping them from sticking a fork in the outlet?

Actually, why isn't anyone stopping them from putting my tax dollars into their house!!!!

Great fun (if it weren’t so close to reality). “Life imitates comedy” or something like that. I heard from a reliable source that Congress has subpoenaed a few of these Stupid Homeowners to testify on Capitol Hill where they will, no doubt, be asked if their lender was using adjustable rate hormones.

The tip that this story is a fake is actually when Bush uses the word "irresponsible." That's at least 2 syllables above his ability level.

Ha ha.. I really liked this one :)

Thanks everyone! This one was my favorite.

And a big thanks to FMF for sharing these with your readers.

This story sounds like it was taken straight out of The Onion, which unforunately has the uncanny ability to be correct ahead of its time.

Thanks for the good laugh - my only one all day. I sure hope this doesn't come true. Sounds like something the government would actually do to help save us from ourselves. (not ME of course!) ;)

I loved this post and am jealous that I didn't write it! :)

I agree with the other poster that the government agent shouldn't stop the stupid homeowner from sticking his fork in an outlet. The gene pool, you know.

Hey Kev,

Just so you know, one of your regular SKOS fans did read your April Fool's Day posts - all four of them, however, this one was my favorite!

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