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April 21, 2008


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Why would you since deductibles are higher than that? Just to annoy the insurer?

You should look into free chip repair. A lot of places will do this small repair for free thinking of it as advertising when you need a bigger repair you will go there again.

I've know that many insurers will fix a very minor ding for free because it saves them from having to pay for a windshield replacement later, but I don't know if you risk them raising your premiums for filing a claim. I had a ding fixed this way about nine months ago, and as far as I can tell it hasn't affected my premiums.

I would not file a claim for a windshield chip repair even if your insurance company tells you that it won't count against you. A chip repair claim may not affect your rate right now, but it could if you need to file a second claim shortly after and they can see that as too many claims in a short period of time and drop you. If you switch insurance companies they will ask you if you've filed any claims in the last few years which could affect your quote. Without knowing the true effects it's safer to repair it yourself, especially if you can find a local business to do it for free as Harley mentioned. Just verify when they say free that they don't ask for your insurance information.

I've had windshield chips fixed many times through my AAA insurance at no charge, and no premium increase. I think they charge a few bucks for it now, but it's certainly not worth filing a claim over. It's typically a small amount even if you do pay someone to do it (under $50) and it takes about 5 minutes.

Don't file the chip repair. Is your deductible $0 or something? If so, raise it.

I would definitely check with your insurance company. Most will cover the cost of chip repair at no cost to you (even if the cost is below your deductible) and no increase in your deductible. They do this because chips don't necessarily reflect your safety/skill as a driver and repairing them reduces the risk of a costlier windshield replacement later.

We use Alfa and they provide free chip repair. They are more than willing to do that because if they don't and the chip/crack spreads, then they have to replace the whole windshield at a much larger cost. As a matter of fact, we just had to do this last week. I'm not sure if they cover your area but maybe you should look into something like that with whoever you use.

I have gotten the free chip repair from State Farm even though my deductible is $250/$500. In most cases, the insurance company will cover this with no cost and no increase in premium. If you are unfamiliar, check with the windshield repair company, I think they may tell you that you can get free repair without increase in premium from your insurance company.

Most insurance companies will WAIVE the deductible for windshield repair work as it's much cheaper for them to pay the repair than it is if you claim an entire windshield replacement. GEICO for example does this and I've repaired my windshield everytime it could be safely fixed without requiring a replacement.

I just switched insurers and they solicited me for a windshield repair, on any and all of my cars. Basically, if less than the size of a quarter, they can repair it for no out of pocket cost and it saves the insurer money.

It depends on the size - it also depends on the carrier. I just went through this and the cost of replacement was under the deductible (and it was too big to warrant one of the crack repairs - full blown replacement).

I recently had a chip and the insurance company asked if it could be covered by a $1 bill. That is their definition of a 'small' chip. It was (actually a nickel would have done the trick) and SafeLite fixed it for free.

No wonder auto insurance is so expensive-read these emails. The process of filing claims is never free. There is always expense in people's time - yours and the claims person. Somebody pays for that time.Wouldn't it be cheaper to spend the $10 out of your own pocket to fix a chip than to call around to find someone who will fix it for "free"?

In Pennsylvania insurance companies cannot effect your rates for claims they pay out below $1,200. So if you have a $500 deductable and the value of the claim is below $1,700 go for it. This is counter to what most people believe. They think small claims will up their rates. Please check your state insurance laws first.

Doug - how would you go about fixing it yourself? I've had a small chip for a couple months now and if it's easy I wouldn't mind doing a DIY job.

In Phoenix, American Family, covers a new windshield every 2 years with NO deductible and NO claim. they even cover my ~$800 heated windshield. I think this has to do with the law here regarding cracked windshields......

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