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April 09, 2008


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FMF, thanks for making this statement... it's good to see and be reminded sometimes, that the advice and commentary that you provide does work. And that there are many good things to be learned from this blog.

FMF: Would you care to share how old you are (after all, I'm asking you, not your wife ;-) )

The reason I'm asking is that sometimes it's a little disappointing when I look at my own situation. I'm debt-free, other than my house, but I've only lived there 1 year. I have a long long way to go to be totally debt free. However, I'm only 24.

I'm exactly the same way. I just had a post the other day explaining why I post my net worth every month - to show if the ideas and advice I share are actually working for me. If I suggest something I'm doing it, unless I explicitly say I'm not (such as if I found a good idea, but it conflicts with a different plan of mine).

If I suggest something and you see my net worth growing, it's a sign that my plan is probably working; and if it's slipping, there may be a problem with one of my suggestions. That way everything stays open and honest - the way any trustworthy personal finance blogger should be.

It's a great question, and a good response. I don't have any problem following my own PF advice on a daily basis, business advice however, heh. It's good that I don't give people advice about business at times, but I suppose that's just the nature of the beast.

Do you take any issues with those PF bloggers who don't seem to regularly "practice what they preach"? Sometimes I feel like some PF bloggers are in the business purely for the money and that advice is just a byproduct of the business. I've also been struggling with finding new interesting content on PF blogs I subscribe too. All the information seems to just repeat itself over and over. Do you know of any sites that might be a bit meatier or is personal finance in the end just a very narrow topic?

Rick --

I've got a couple decades on you. :-)

Jon --

If a blogger says one thing and does another, personally, I'm not too interested in reading what he/she says. Same goes for someone who is giving out advice but really has no history/experience with the topic. At that point, it's just conjecture.

In the end, personal finance is a fairly narrow topic. If you do a handful of things well, you will be successful. Sometimes looking for something "new" or "exciting" can lead you down the wrong road.


I don't want something necessarily more exciting, just a little meatier. I'm to the point where I have almost completely given up reading PF blogs because the are like a broken record. It's like many exist simply because people are lazy and can't figure out how to do a few calculations themselves.

Jon - you need to look around more - there are blogs out there for everyone.

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