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April 24, 2008


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I once had my tires replaced on a vehicle and they put tires on that were thicker (larger sidewall) than the factory ones. Well, the odometer is calibrated for the factory tires.

After the replacement I could drive 1 mile and it would only register .9 miles on the odometer. It was great, it extended my warranty by 10%.

Wow, that stinks. Never thought of that before. I will definitely have to check that out after I buy my new car.

I think it more has to do with the tires on your vehicle. The odometer is set and calibrated on new tires, as tires wear they actually get smaller making more revolutions for a given distance. You could also use this knowledge to your advantage by getting slightly higher profile tires or even increase your tire size. You can use a tire calculator online to figure out the best ratio.

Keep in mind this also makes your speedometer off, so if you are pulled over for going 110KPH in a 100KPH zone but you sized your tires to make it off by 10% it could end up in a ticket :)


That is exactly what happened to me. My speedometer was off by 10% as well, therefore I had watch my speed more carefully. If the speedometer said 70MPH I was actually going 77MPH.

I don't have a problem with that. I only buy cars with high miles.

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