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April 16, 2008


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Before I had children and therefore had time to read (!) I used to use my library a lot. I am going to start taking the children soon, as they love books and I think they would really like being able to choose their own.

We LOVE our library. I also use it reserve books through the county library system and we borrow 3 DVDs each weekend - if we watch them, great, if not, nothing lost.

I've also seen some terrific foreign language and independent movies that I otherwise would not have paid to rent.

It's such a terrific resource - I've introduced a few of my friends to the idea of the library and now they are saving a ton of money each year also!

Our library also has book sales during the year, so it's also a great place to donate any books you no longer need/want. :)

I never considered the library for meeting rooms. I'll have to remember that. I know my wife takes our kids to the library often to pick out books. You just have to remember to bring the books back on time:)

I wrote a similar post about how I saved money on books for University... for one class I just went to the library before the final exam and read the book there!

Libraries are a great resource, it's too bad people don't take advantage of them anymore.

nice topic, I do this myself instead of buying media I just borrow them through the library, although the library is not totally free since it's usually funded by local/state taxes which have skyrocketed since 1902.

Season 2 of the Dog Whisperer huh? You are totally getting a dog, I love it. :)

I love the library. Over the years, I have moved quite a bit, and one of the first things I have done in a new town is get a library card.

I'm glad to read such a stirring endorsement of libraries and the variety of services and products they offer their patrons. As a mom at home, I have saved money and researched how to save even more, through my local public library.

I noticed that you don't use the library for research, and I think you should reconsider your methods, as many quality research tools are available for free through your local public libary.

Many library systems provide free access to fee-based databases for research purposes, as well as for homework help. Patrons can type in their library card number on a library webpage to access quality research on a variety of topics from vetted sources for free! Sources that I used to purchase for clients for thousands of dollars as a part of my job, for free!

And please don't forget to use the library itself for research. Librarians are trained to retrieve, verify, and organize data in order to "boil down the ocean" of information available to the public.

The researcher doesn't need to visit the library or telephone for assistance these days: libraries are answering questions via email, text, or chat widgets loaded on library webpages.

PS - I may now be a mom at home, but I was a corporate librarian for 9 years prior to motherhood. Happy National Library Week!
(shameless plug)

A timely post: after 15 years of not stepping foot into a public library, I just ordered a county library card last week online....looking forward to making some use of my tax dollars, and saving money by borrowing instead of buying media.

We listen to John Grisham audiobooks from our local library--great way to pass the time on long road trips!!

Some libraries (like mine) have passes/annual memberships to museums, zoos, aquariums, etc, that you can use to go to these places for free. Much better than paying sometimes $20 per person.

Just went to my local library's site and put a request in for Spending Smart! (I should get it delivered to my local branch in a few days) Thanks!

I use to use the library a lot. But now that I have very young kids, a visit to the library is more work than it's worth. These days I stock up on used books, but I am looking forward to the day when my daughters are old enough to start making weekly trips to the library again.

Not only have I used the library for years-I have taken out books and done research and moved out of state with what I've learned from using resources in the library. One of the first things I do when checking out a city that I've wanted to live in-I look at their libraries and see if they offer all the services I need. I couldn't imagine living without a great library system. I now live in a city with the best library system in the country- Also, I've learned of this blog from an article in a magazine that I borrowed from my library!

I am new to your blogs and I just got this link and I can't agree with you more on utilizing our public libraries.....a few years back I use to purchase books all the time, while I racked up on books my desposable cash decreased as well.....finally while between paychecks I wanted to read a book and my mother suggested the library and I've been getting my books fromthe library ever since....the decision to buy books now depending on my being able to use the book again in the future i. e. reference or read again.

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