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April 10, 2008


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Don't forget to consider the worst case scenario. If you are putting all your eggs in your career, then what happens when that goes south?

I view my income like my investments. Diversification is key. I would personally rather work 3-4 part-time jobs than one full-time. If something happens to one of my jobs and income streams, I'm not totally up a creek.

I agree with Curtis. I prefer multiple streams of income, but that doesn't mean I would do something completely different.

What I mean is 'leverage is everything', as I have wrote about several times over the years. Once you have found a way to leverage your method of creating income, like blogging, then you should use that leverage to create more income - with similar products that take advantage of your system of generating income. Diversify within your market of expertise.

thanks for the timely article. am working thru exactly what the article is about: re-evaluating jobs and priorities. have also updated my budget and am looking
over my credit report. personally i'd rather work a
number of jobs than just one. makes for more variety
and don't have all the personal issues that come with
working with the same people day in and out.

thanks for your articles!

oops, guess its a good idea to preview comment, huh.

If you are in a career that you really like, stick with it, but try to improve yourself to get promotions (i.e. pay raises) within' that career. Once you top out in that career and have lots of experience, consider starting your own business or consulting in that same field.

This is a bit generalized, but if you save a ton with the idea to take time off, not get burned out and maybe try other things, you will be in a better situation IF the time comes that you hate your job and want to leave...

Rather than consume, consume, consume like so many do, save money and have the ability to take a break from the grind. Save up 5-months worth of living expenses with a deadline of "getting the heck out" of your job in a year. Set a mini-goal to branch out.

Of course this is easier said than done with kids and spouses, but if you are dependent on no one and hate your job, get saving.

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