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May 21, 2008


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"I like them both"


That's like saying you cheer for the Yankees AND the Red Sox!!! Pick a side man!!!


Giff --

I know. But I do like both the Colts and the Patriots. ;-)

I play them both in FIFA 08 -- started with Chelsea and now play Man United since they are rated higher. But since we started with Chelsea, I'd prefer to see them win. Besides, Man U already won the Premiership, so let's spread it out a bit.

Hoping for a Chelsea win. They knocked out my Liverpool team, might as well see them win it all. And didn't you get your son their jersey for christmas?
Whatever happens it should be a good one. My only real concern is if I'll get to watch any of it live.

Planner --

You have a great memory. Yes, my son did get a Chelsea jersey for Christmas. He wears it all the time (though he now also has an LA Galaxy one too.)

More like, I don't like either of them! I'm a Tottenham fan, but seeing as I'm watching the game at a local pub with ManU fans...I spose I'll be rooting for them.


Wow.... I didn't know you liked soccer... er, sorry, football :)

I'm a big Real Madrid fan, and I like some of the Italian teams as well.

J --

Didn't I hear a rumor that Christiano Ronaldo may be going to Real Madrid?

Forest, I'm also a Spurs supporter. White Hart Lane is a great spot to see a match. All these Americans following the trendy teams, bah humbug.

(When I was a daft teenage girl in Dublin, Ryan Giggs was one of my pinups. So I suppose I'm leaning towards Man U today. Hope it's a great match).

Manchester United all the way! Been a fan since back when Liverpool was *the* powerhouse and United was the upstart. Oops - probably just dated myself :-)

Mmm - football. Going to the Brazil-Canada friendly in Seattle next weekend. No Ronaldinho (which will greatly disappoint my 7-year old who's going too), but otherwise a full squad.


Yes, you did :) which ManU is strongly denying

Regulation ends at 1-1 -- going to extra time!!!!!

What a game!

I wasn't really partial to either side... but it was still exciting!

guinnes416 - "All these Americans following the trendy teams, bah humbug"

I feel very unique (and alone) being an Everton supporter here in the States. I started following the Prem a couple years ago and, there is nothing like it in the US.

Top 4 next year!

What a GREAT match! Can't get much more exciting, though I feel bad for John Terry. He had the chance to put it away.

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