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May 27, 2008


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No wonder I like this site so much. Fifa 08!!!!!!!!!

I took my first bike ride of the season. I went down to Boston Harbor. I happened to catch the Queen Mary 2, a majestic ship, docked at the cruise terminal. A nice 15-mile round trip.

This was a really cool weekend!!. Worked on the backyard some, got to hang out in the yard and listen to tunes for a good while. My sister and nephew came to hang out with us for Memorial Day. Helped my youngest son study for his 7th grade math final ( he is such an awesome kid !! -- Of course, I may be a teensy bit biased !!). I even looked forward to coming into work on Tuesday

Strong storms in Atlanta on Friday afternoon saw me arrive home to 2 or 3 leaks in the roof and water pouring in through a window frame (took 15 towels to mop it up). The baby had a rough night Saturday night (my turn for the overnight shift) so I slept most of Saturday. Sunday the wife and I saw Iron Man (liked it) while my mother babysat. Monday I spent 5 hours mowing and trimming hedges only to come inside to find that the AC had stopped working. Had a guy come out Memorial Day evening and tell me the entire unit needs to be replaced. All in all I'm expecting to have to lay out the equivalent to a brand new Toyota Corolla except I won't be able to drive anywhere. Sucks!

I feel like I need another long weekend to catch up after having so much packed into this past weekend. Didn't get anything done around the house due to a ton of rain and family get-togethers. All worth it though.

Ironman was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Went camping by a nearby river, went fishing and played ball in the water with the dog (the dog was in the water, not me), grilled some brats and stuff, the weather was perfect for being outdoors. We saw Indiana Jones (didn't like it). Replanted a tomato plant into a bigger pot (the poor thing). I started late again this year, but not as late as last. I'm getting better at it this whole plant thing. ;) Did a little shopping for some shoes. Had the parents visiting and we went to this restaurant that was super delicious - The Trellis in Williamsburg VA. My only regret was that I hadn't been there sooner...I've been in the area for what, 7 years?! All this wasted time I could have been eating such great food, what a shame. lol Did grocery shopping at a new store, haven't had time to work out a price book/price comparison yet...the weekend wasn't long enough.

Had an awesome "vacation at home" long weekend: played golf, saw Indy (I'm the hugest Indy dork), checked out arena football, and used up some lingering restaurant gift cards. All the fun of vacation with no unpacking to do--perfect.

Went to the in-laws. The highlight (not really) was helping brand and castrate 31 calves. After a very short conversation with my 5 year-old daughter about castration she asked, “Why don’t you want the boy cows to be daddy cows?” You gotta love kids and their questions.

I finalized wedding plans and attended my bridal shower. Two weeks! :) Also saw Indiana Jones. Great movie if you don't think about it too much.

Moosetracks Rock!

~Hiked Mount Nittany...
~Played LOTS of tennis!
~(Hopefully) lowered my cholesterol!! ;-)

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