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May 14, 2008


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Start looking for jobs with other employers. There's nothing like a signed offer letter to prove your worth in the job market.

If you have other opportunities to make more money you should mention them. Not in a confrontational manner but it will let them know that you have done your homework and have presented examples that you are marketable and worth more to other companies. If they want to keep you and value you as an employee they will come back with more money. However, do not threaten to leave unless you are prepared to.

I highly recommend PayScale (, a free service that will let you compare your compensation to that of other similar workers. Companies typically have data about what the going salary for employees is; PayScale helps you know what you're worth.

Cytoman makes a good point about not threatening to leave unless you're prepared to. Let me clarify what I was trying to say: prepare to leave. That sounds kind of like my first job, and my pay jumped 40% when I left. Had I stayed, I would have been given 10%, which they considered extraordinarily large.

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