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May 27, 2008


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Since Locks of Love, probably the most popular hair donation charity, is somewhat controversial, I think it's a good suggestion to sell one's hair for cash. Then, if you wish, donate the cash to a less controversial charity.

Julia --

What's controversial about them?

Controversial for a few reasons.

Locks of Love has been accused of selling donated hair by the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance. An e-zine article says the BBB-WGA reported the "Locks of Love organization has committed no crimes. All that Locks of Love does seems to be completely charitable, and any selling of hair wigs well within their rights." They sell wigs on a sliding scale depending on the family's income. I'm guessing to offset their costs, which the NY Times reports to be $1,000 per wig.

Given it's popularity (seen on Oprah and beyond), they receive a lot of donations. But not everyone knows that they can't use all hair (e.g., not gray, colored, treated, damaged), and they throw away all hair they "can't" use. You'd think they could at least send it back to the donor or pass it on to an organization that might be able to use it.

And some people get annoyed when they find out that the wigs don't go to kids with cancer. They primarily go to kids who can't regrow hair (e.g., kids who suffer from alopecia areata or burn victims).


NY Times:

They take colored and gray hair too, just not bleached. If they make 1,000 per wig then the donor should get at least 10 percent of that....I had no idea they sell their wigs for that much...So basically because of donors, they are the most popular site to donate hair and they make a lot of money even though they state that they are "not so non profit"

You can also sell your hair at Everything has a great chance of selling. It doesnt matter if your hair is colored, highlighted are virgin there are companies other than wig makers can use your hair. Try it I would say is one of the better sites out there to make money by selling your hair.

It is a shame to hear such controversy over Locks of Love. I recommend selling your hair on websites like the one mentioned above (which give some of their profit to charity as well) and then donating the earnings to a charity of your choice!

According to the people at Locks of Love, they give 90% of their wigs to children cost free. any cost to the child's parents is based on their ability to pay. They accept any color hair, including gray. (They will not accept bleached hair.) While they do not use gray hair, they sale it to off set the cost of making the wig. They state this on their site. If, in '08 it cost $1,000 to make a child a wig (As stated above), there is no telling what it cost now!!!

I don't see where the "controversy" is...they are totally up front on their web site and when you talk to them in person.

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